Skype will finally bots, and will be controlled by Cortana

Microsoft takes some time looking at how to enhance an application although it has a great acceptance in the business world; it does both among individual users. We talk about Skype, who once was synonymous with calls between devices, and today has been replaced by WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and company.

During the Build 2016, Microsoft has announced that its messaging application has gone a step further by adopting the use of bots. But it is not bots as we know in Telegram but is external applications that are left to Cortana, Microsoft wizard that will always be in the background on Skype, offering help.


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We may not see Cortana, but will always be there

As mentioned, Cortana is always present in all Windows 10 and also on Skype, whether in our mobile or any other device. In addition to notify us of any appointment you have pending at the same time, Cortana now has the possibility of inviting different bots to our conversation.

Thanks to these bots we can make restaurant reservations, arrange trips, check flight and many other uses that depend ultimately what developers want to offer us for the experience of using Skype. But the news does not stop there but Skype adopts Cortana to emulate something we’ve seen on Android.

Google Now on Tap in the manner of Microsoft

The contextual information is very important for what Microsoft has been called “Conversations”. That is why now we underlined words during conversations whenever Cortana can provide information on the subject. Well because it is a call for an appointment or because they can offer extensive information.

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With this contextual information will have an excuse to go to Cortana and give instructions? All without leaving Skype and, most importantly, through any of our devices. Receive information on the Xbox and answer from mobile, or interact with the bots from our laptop.

As we see, Skype is integrated into the rest of news from Microsoft for this # Build2016 and honors one of the great phrases that left Nadella in this presentation: “Human language is the new UI, bots are the new apps”. So here they are, integrated into the Microsoft messaging app for letting us get everything from one place.

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