Benefits of minimalism on a website

Minimalist designs are faster to download

The loading time directly impacts a business’ bottom line. Minimalism sites have fewer items and are therefore designed to load quicker. A recent study showed that almost half of participants abandon websites that take more than three loading seconds. A minimalistic website will load faster on tablets and mobiles too.

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Easy maintenance

If a website tries to display too many things, it means there will be a lot of maintenance. It’s bad for your business. Because they’re slimmer, minimalist sites are more durable than traditional sites. They require less maintenance.

Pop-Ups are not liked by most people

Pop-ups are still used by many websites. This, however, is still frowned upon today as it was back in the 1990’s. Pop-ups and anything similar to them are eliminated in a minimalistic web design. For advice on Web Design Surrey, contact

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Convert Better

A minimalist design is usually composed of a title, minimal wording, and a sizable image that complements the whole site. One company increased their conversion rate by over 100% after they uploaded an image of a satisfied customer! They saw a drop in conversions when they combined the picture of a happy customer with text. Minimalism is the key.

White space

White space is often removed by designers because they believe it makes a website seem unfinished. To achieve a more “Zen-like” feeling, you should have more space on your website. This will help it “breathe”, so your visitors don’t feel overwhelmed or tense. If they feel claustrophobic they will leave.

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