Different types of garages

The garage may not be the most beautiful part of your home, but it is essential to its functionality. It may surprise you to know that there are many different types of garages available for your custom-built home. Here’s a guide on the most popular types of garages!


Since detached garages began as carriage houses that were usually separate from the home, they were the original garage model. They are not common in the UK, mainly due to the lack of space. This type of garage does not have any connection to the house.

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The most common type of garage is an attached garage. A garage attached to the house is usually built on the side of the home or beneath the main structure. Custom homes are increasingly incorporating attached garages, usually below the house due to limited space. This allows homeowners to enter and exit their vehicles without having to leave the home. The attached garage is the style that’s most popular today. This can be seen in the resale value of homes. To find out more about Garage Doors Gloucester, visit upandoverdoorsltd.co.uk/garage-doors/gloucester

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A carport is a garage with no walls and only a roof. This is a great option for houses that don’t have enough space to build a garage. You won’t be rained on when you walk out because they will protect your car from the weather. However, they are not very popular and many people dislike the way they look.

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