Trailer Types

Road trailers are designed to accomplish specific tasks. Trailers of different types can be mounted on Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), tractors, and domestic cars.

It’s important to understand that different trailers have different functions. It doesn’t matter if you are in the transport business or need to use a trailer for specialist equipment.

Let’s begin with the types of trailers that are used in the transport industry. They are ideal for bulk transport of goods and materials.

  • Curtain Side trailer. The most common type of trailer in the haulage business. The sides of the trailer allow easy access to the bed, making loading and unloading easier.
  • Tarpaulin trailer. They are similar to curtain trailers, but they offer better weatherproofing. These trailers have aluminium sides, which make it easier to secure the goods.
  • Box trailer. Trailers of this type are the most popular. These trailers are used by road transportation companies to transport high-value cargo and garments.

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Different types of trailers for cars

Different types of car-trailers are designed for specific purposes. When buying a trailer, you should also consider the horsepower and size of your vehicle. For Trailer Parts, visit

Utility trailer

Utility trailers can be hired to transport a few personal items. A utility trailer can be useful if you are moving home or going to university.

Horse trailers

Horse trailers can be used to transport your horses. If you’re transporting multiple horses, they come in different sizes. Horse trailers do not weigh much and can be pulled by an SUV, pickup or car. However, they can reduce visibility in small cars.

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Boat or Glider trailer

Extreme sports enthusiasts as well as boat enthusiasts require specialised trailers for the transport of speedboats and gliders. Boat and glider trailers, unlike flatbed trailers that can be used for all purposes, are designed to clamp the frame of a sailboat or cradle a boat’s hull.

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