7 Keys to choose good headphones

The Internet has opened the door to a large universe when it comes to buying new products, never bad to have a little guide on how to choose good products. In this case, we focus on the seven keys to buy quality headphones.

Before we went to the mall of the city and were looking for the particular product we wanted to buy. At best, we could try to go to the few shops that had, and finally, try generic store if they had, coincidentally, that type of product, and, in particular, the model we were looking for. At least, that allowed us to reduce the circle of options we had.

choose good headphones

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Today, The Internet has changed everything. We have huge product stores local or international giants’ stores that send on demand, small shops, small international stores as well as different prices in each of those trades, or different conditions, such as free shipping offers, etc. And if we look for products that are sold every day, such as headphones, the situation can be fatal, with a price range that goes from a few dollars, several hundred of them. The question is trying … How to choose good headphones?

1. Think when you use headphones

Not the same a person using the headset to talk on the phone, using them as hands-free, while walking down the street, a person who works at home and want to listen to music in high quality. Nor it is like buying a headset for sports, that we carry a working when we have to wear a shirt and jacket. Determine, when we will use, will be vital to choose good headphones.

2. Set a budget

Still, what the use of headphones, we can find an almost very wide range of prices, so it is best to set a budget, with a minimum and a maximum, we can spend. And yes, it is imperative to adjust to it, as many deals seek to spend a “little” more in a somewhat better headphones.

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3. In-Ear Over-Ear vs. On-Ear Headphones normal

There are four different types of headphones, and choose the type we seek is one of the most complicated tasks. Again, we’re going to use them will be something decisive. Headphones In-Ear is being introduced into the ear. These headphones isolated from outside sound, better audio quality, and are small in size. The On-Ear and Over-Ear are similar. The main difference is that the Over-Ear rest on the head while the On-Ear relies on the ear. The latter isolate less outside noise, and have a less deep bass. On the other hand, they are smaller, and perhaps more comfortable. Probably, if we sound the highest professional level, Over-Ear is one of the best options and all this without forgetting the classic headphones that small non – ear. The advantage is that they are cheaper, and there is less risk that a high volume from damaging the ear.

4. How noise cancellation?

Outside noise is one of the causes of loss of sound quality when listening to music with headphones. Therefore, we can choose a headset with noise cancellation. Some of these are able to isolate outside sound practically because they have active noise cancellation. If we travel regularly by train or subway or go for normally noisy streets, they may be a good choice. Although sometimes these headphones even reduce the audio of some songs. Passive noise cancellation also exists, though not as effective. If we are to use headphones with the bicycle, while not recommended, it will always be better without noise cancellation as this would prevent run safely.

5. Wireless Technology

For many advances that have been made, still used the cable for transmitting audio quality. Still, there are already some wireless headphones that get through Bluetooth, audio quality really good. The problem is that its price is also the level of technology used, and it is really expensive. However, if what we seek, and enters the budget, they are a good choice.

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6. Forget the mark

There is a well-known brand of headphones, Beats by Dr. Dre, whose recognition worldwide is very high. Its price is also really high. However, the audio quality of these headphones, depending on price, is dire. In this case, it is a question mark. It is best to forget the brand, within quality standards, and to choose for their characteristics. If we locate user reviews, best yet.

7. Buy Stylish

But we must not only opt for quality. If we are to use away from home and do not pursue high acoustic fidelity, we can choose a headset with a good design. Today it is easy to find very colorful or showy designs. It is even possible that the price is not so different from standard design headphones.

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