Advances and rumors on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

The release of the latest Apple-branded smartphone is scheduled for 2016. Next iPhone 6:06 Plus the Cupertino Company for 2016 wants to launch the latest model which is already rumored something about the components and on the same model.

The technologists in is fast and the manufacturers are the same. After the i-Phone 6S and the Plus of the same model began shipping in the market a few months ago here we are again talking about rumors circulating on the new model that Apple will produce and market. The rumors circulating for some time both on and offline, because for many tastes and exchange views on the latest models of smartphones on the market constitute an argument for social communication and for this reason we decided that the subject of today should be just what it’s the Apple iPhone and 7, which are expected – like its predecessor – even the Plus version both in output for 2016.

iPhone 7

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The premature old age is good for the market?

This is probably the question facing many people saw that these days a model came on the market is aged subsequent coming out in the last few months. It is said that this is the law of marketing but who today actually can and will change smartphone every four to five months? This marketing to those aims? We ask these questions before entering the live of rumors related to the iPhone 7. The news are in fact moved only for purposes of induction and to make sure the expectations of potential customers but also of those who aspire to have the latest technological jewel even if they could not allow. That’s so that the last model becomes old as we wrote earlier, and rumors about the new press on expectations.

Specifications of the new model from apple

Sources say the iPhone will be a 7 ​​Apple A10 to be built – as rumored – by TSMC, will have a processor 16 nanometer technology and will mount Info, this acronym stands for Integrated Fan Out which will condense circuits and chips in a single processor .. This is probably the most important news for the yield of this new smartphone that does not force you to remove programs to optimize space and save power on the device. We know that on this issue we are even open forum for discussion and networking are tutorials and guides to save energy on your smartphone. All the information circulating are just rumors and this must be remembered especially for the news that is circulating on the models. It seems that the next iPhone could be achieved not in two but in three versions:

  • Classic Version 4.7-inch
  • Plus version 5.5-inch
  • Probable version Mini 4-inch

This latest version brings back the lovers of the old panels that evoke the first iPhone.

The new smartphone from Apple should come out in the fall in our country forever if you follow the rumors and that – in addition to the previously highlighted things – seem to focus particularly on the acquisition by Apple of an Israeli company that deals with sensors high quality. The company name is LinX Computional Imaging. High quality sensors means improvements in components regarding the cameras, provided that this acquisition is successful there would be a real improvement compared to a technology and its development that Apple lovers await the days of Steve Jobs. This new system would focus on a double lens and the interchangeable lenses that would allow those who came into possession of this new model of the iPhone, to take pictures of the highest quality that someone (probably exaggerating) compared to those with a machine SLR.

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