USA it prepares a 200 petaflops supercomputer and China battle intensifies

We live in amazing times, the ability to upgrade technological systems grow at a brutal pace, allowing imagine tasks that were once simply impossible and fell into the realm of science fiction, where the battle being waged United States and China for dominance special high-powered computing is the clearest example.

A few days ago, just we met Sunway TaihuLight, the new supercomputer Chinese manufacturing that came to dethrone the Tianhe-2, also Chinese, with surprising speed of 93 petaflops. However, the battle has just begun, since the United States has confirmed the creation of Summit, its powerful new supercomputer that will have a capacity of 200 petaflops bestial.


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Summit, the supercomputer IBM and Nvidia

The United States Department of Energy through the Oak Ridge National Laboratory has confirmed that they have started construction of Summit, the new supercomputer that will have a capacity of 200 petaflops (where a petaflop is the ability to perform trillion arithmetic operations per second) and a Power9 IBM and Nvidia GPUs Volta system will power it.

This announcement is clearly a response to Sunway TaihuLight, where Americans do not want to show they are at a disadvantage despite development in high -performance computing in China has grown dramatically since 2001, who today has 167 operating supercomputers while the United States has 165 operating more Summit and two other systems that arrive in 2018.

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In addition to Summit, United States prepares ‘Sierra’ also based on IBM system that is expected to have an output of 150 petaflops, will be located at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and will start operations in mid 2018. On the other hand, we have ‘Aurora’ which it will be located at the Argonne National Laboratory by the end of 2018 which involved Cray systems Computing and Intel, estimated to have a capacity of 100 petaflops.

But this does not end here, because you have to remember that in 2015 Barack Obama authorized the creation of the Strategic National Initiative Computing, with which began the development of the first exascale supercomputer that will operate at 1,000 petaflops, a beast that will be positioned as the most powerful computer ever created and will be designed to bring the operations of many of the government agencies in the country.

So the battle is just beginning and it gets more and more interesting. Visit for more tips.

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