This is what you should have in your notebook for high performance and so fulfills the Asus UX501

When we rushed to the task of looking for a laptop of high performance started thinking about the details of what should be a perfect setting and a good balance of both quality and quantity.

It is impossible to have a laptop of high performance that has absolutely everything (it would not be as portable), but it is possible to know exactly what needs to comply with the highest standards. The Asus ZenBook Pro UX501 is an example that can serve as a reference.

Asus UX5015

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Design as letter

A computer convinces us, in a first impression; its image is something that nobody can deny. The materials that are built our next laptop will be a key factor opts for it.

It should be sturdy, durable and compact at the same time, but also nice to see, touch and even lighter to carry.

Normally, in the vast majority of products on the market for portable computers, making your housing is made of plastic material. It is enough if we reduce the cost, but in terms of durability is the worst option. Laptops with metal housing guarantees robustness and resistance, it is really hard to cause severe damage.

The weight of a laptop, if we talk about a computer medium in size, that is, with 15 inch screen, can roam from 2 to 5 kg. Obviously, the lighter, more comfortable will carry, it is something they appreciate their buyers and we see reflected in the new models launched in the market. Its size also helps to combine a good weight sufficiently large to accommodate your screen and its essential components are important.

The UX501 model, for example, has a very stylish all-metal casing, incorporating circular motifs in their design. The casing is cut for diamonds and made ​​of brushed metal, indicating the quality of manufacture. In addition to its compact size (383 x 255 x 20.6 mm), just over 2 kg.

The screen, because a picture is worth much

If we focus on the screen that a high-performance notebook must have, it must be sized according to our needs. Generally, if we are to make intensive use of the laptop, we like to have a screen at least 15 inches.

The resolution and the image quality are crucial. Given that the vast majority of today’s multimedia content is produced in high definition and that the websites have support for high resolutions, high level screen resolution must have full HD, i.e. 1920 x 1080 pixels at least.

In the future we will jump to 4K content, so if you choose this configuration, as is possible in the UX501 model, is not a bad idea. This high resolution and quality right panel (as this IPS panel UX501), we provide a seamless experience when enjoying any content.

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As a final point, the extras adapted to the new times are most welcome. The screen of the Asus ZenBook Pro UX501 has the option of whether or not touches a configuration that can choose when purchasing the product. We may use the computer as we use our smartphone or tablet to surf the web, for example, and will certainly be the strong team we need. It is a really usable added.

Asus UX5015

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A processor and a memory able to move everything

Power is the most important part of a laptop when we bought it. We always look for a good quality / price ratio, but when we need a higher performance, processor and RAM are the first two points that we will examine very closely.

The maximum power processors currently pass processors Intel Core i7. This range of processors working at the highest level because of the multiple processors and their manufacturing technologies. For the UX501 we have a 4720HQ Intel Core i7 quad-core processor up to 3.6 GHz power.

If we add a lot of RAM memory to processor power, the team will have a perfect fluidity. For example, the UX501 have 16 GB of RAM DDR3 1600 MHz by using 8 GB of internal memory (soldered to board) and an extra memory slot with 8 GB. Consider a high performance team usually has 8 GB of RAM memory normally, so this UX501 double “acceptable” figure.

A graphics card with its own name

If we want graphics power, then we go looking for a team that has the highest in configuration card. The Nvidia GeForce GTX is the star option, and even more the last batch.

Nvidia has made ​​a name in the business of graphics chips, and it is very common to see teams of high performance graphic chips Nvidia use only. In turn, Nvidia has a number of high power ranges classified by generations. A graphics card to use at least 2 GB of dedicated memory is considered high performance. Of course, that memory must be GDDR5, the most current and powerful.

Asus UX5015

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In the case of Asus ZenBook UX501 we find nothing less than an Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M , a graphics card of 4 GB of GDDR5 dedicated memory of last generation, which is four times that seen in a conventional notebook.

This graphics card is ideal for any type of content moving 4K, 3D design elements or the latest games market with great ease even if we use one high quality of detail in them.

A hard disk that fly, some connectivity to the last

Adding to the team previously seen a good hard drive SSD, it is impossible to notice some “lag” or slowdown. SSD hard drives are designed to fly.

An SSD hard drive (or SSD) is an album that uses flash memory to store data instead of traditional mechanical disks. They are like giant pen drives, with improvements that make them serious and reliable hard disks lifelong alternatives. Your data transfer speeds diapers left in conventional hard drives.

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The UX501 using an SSD using the PCIe x4 interface, which increases up to 16 times faster than a conventional hard disk. Consider that a conventional hard disk must use some sort of mechanical arm that reads and copies data to physical disk drive. A disc recorded and erased SSD data directly on a chip designed to transmit information at high speed.

Turning to the point of connections and connectivity, it is also interesting that our future count on WiFi portable dual-channel connection. The 802.11ac WiFi is capable of transmitting speeds of 867 Mbps, three times more than a conventional WiFi previous generation.

It is also important to have ports and connections on the ports as the inclusion of USB 3.0 (10 times faster than conventional USB 2.0 ports) or a Thunderbolt port, capable of reaching 10 Gbps. The Asus ZenBook UX501 meets all these sections.

Asus UX5015

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A listening experience to match

If we are willing to enjoy multimedia content carefully and games of last generation, nothing helps us move the computer’s luxury if the sound is poor and neglected. It is important to choose a team with quality speakers.

To enjoy a good sound on a laptop must have both a speaker capable of reproducing a wide range of frequencies, for an optimized software to properly equalize any type of sound reproduced.

Following the example of the UX501, find a system of SonicMaster Premium Sound, which not only features speakers with a careful production but Pioneer ICEpower technology, applied to the use of electrical circuits of amplifiers that significantly improve performance, and materials manufacturer Bang & Olufsen, firm prestigious teams in the audiovisual world.

You’ll enjoy rich, deep bass and a crisp and crystal clear vocal, no matter the volume level when we submit the team. This is exactly what we look for in a good sound within a laptop, no less.

Peripherals with good workmanship and good design

Of course, the notebook input devices, i.e. your keyboard and trackpad, should be comfortable and efficient to use. The trackpad should have a pleasant feel and not aggressive to not get tired of it. The Asus ZenBook including Pro UX501 is tempered glass, with a very nice touch, and is specially designed to make gestures in Windows, such as pinching fingers, through photographs or pages by sliding webs.

The keyboard included in the UX501 can also serve as an example of proper keyboard for any portable: it is metallic, accurate resistance in their keys and a just separation between them to make it comfortable enough, and backlight, in case you have to use in low light.

Asus UX5015

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The operating system, do not forget it

The operating system is very important and Windows is a great option. Microsoft’s operating system is compatible with virtually any existing popular program or application, and is perfectly suited to the times.

The inclusion of Windows 8 brought a new way of understanding the computer: Touch now has more presence than ever, and we can even use applications such as a tablet or smartphone.

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After Windows 8 we have come to Windows 10, an evolution that includes advanced options touch universe and desktop into a more mature and refined system, designed to work like a Windows lifetime, and with the fluidity and practicality that has characterized the latest generation of Windows.

The Asus ZenBook Pro UX501 features in Windows 10 Home 64-bit edition, perfect for all run with maximum speed and fully compatible with leading software programs and applications. You can choose a classic touch or when buying a laptop screen.

Think quality

In short, after this review of the most important components that must have a high-performance laptop, we understand that there are certain basics to look, not everything is in a brand with prestige or high sale price.

Before starting to buy a team, think carefully if it incorporates all these components of last generation that will make their performance is as can be expected today of a good laptop.

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