The Apps, to really improve the lives of everyday

Today all (or almost) the holders of a smartphone are always looking app. of the moment, one that can somehow be helpful to improve their lives or at least to make them lighter.

Starting from the trivial wake-up call, take for example the Syrians, with a simple voice command will be woken up the next day at exactly the time you want; if you then with chronic laggards iKettle will be able to boil water for breakfast while you are shaving.


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Following subsidy-driven while the coffee thanks to Digg you can get an impression of what the main topic of the day, in terms of information, this can be repeated several times throughout the day, this app. It is able to keep you constantly updated on trends “warm”.

Applications that help us with the everyday

Within a smartphone from a professional of ‘multimedia age, must inevitably find space also Pro2 Launch Center, which allows you to play more synchronized actions, such as post quickly on Facebook or Instagram, Google searching on Wikipedia or Amazon.

The day of a modern manager could be eventful, as an application Todoist becomes so important, it gives us the possibility to organize various projects by dividing them into lists of things to do.

If you are single then hardened then you must at all costs download Wunderlist, ideal to create and share your shopping lists. If the sport is part of your life you can not not have Fubles, you can go to play soccer by including in matches which are short of people in your town, after a while you use it you’ll find yourself playing more with the same, becomes then an app. also useful for new acquaintances or friends, excellent if you change the city frequently for work.

Do not say now that you have never appreciated the validity of Waze, for you to drive anywhere with ease (although sometimes it is better to ask), then if you love shopping, but you can take advantage of the large lazy the large amount of items provided by Amazon or eBay, paying all via Paypal or app of your bank of trust.

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