The low cost video surveillance with IP camera

IP camera wireless, when the technology is at the service of security…

Nowadays it is foolish to spend hundreds of euro for the video surveillance of your home, if not more, when you can get one or more wireless webcam and configure them yourself using only a device such as a PC or smartphone and an internet connection, obviously the ADSL landline connections is preferable to 3g / 4g for reliability. 

IP Camera

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The steps are quite simple but require a certain familiarity computer, so if you were to consider an issue that will be enough to turn any store for assistance computer and with a minimum cost you can take advantage of all its benefits in terms of safety and reliability, including the cost savings compared to the kit installed by professional installers.

Now on the market if they are of different brands and types, to be able to satisfy even the most demanding customers, one that sees the safety of loved ones as a real milestone.

The computer stores specialize on video surveillance

Another great advantage consists of this innovative product is its ubiquity, it can be managed and controlled even by modern mobile devices, whether tablet or smartphone of the latest generation, which have as their operating system windows, iOS or Androids existing market. Just download a simple application on your phone and you’ll have a complete overview of your home, checking every place your assets or why not the loved ones.

The model we tested, an IP camera’s ADJ, can act as a real surveillance system as it is capable of recording on micro SD memory card, send an email alert on when recording when set to detect motion and even send to Email preset pictures of the recording, so that in case of theft or tampering will have the same prove the foul deed. Do not you think enough? It can be controlled by remote being motorized and everything looks amazing if you think that is sold under a hundred dollars. 

The only drawback we found is the fact that it is usable inside, but in the market there are several models also from outside at very low cost.

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