Myths about technology: 5 truth be known

We live immersed in technology, we exploit every aspect and not rinunceremmo her, but sometimes we let ourselves be carried away by false myths tech , making influence. Imaginative stories and unmotivated alarms turn for the web, click after click spread and enter our minds, conditionality or instilling doubts in us.

Myths about tech

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The brand technological dearest are the best. Far from it: the functionality of smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc.It is not directly proportional to the cost. Advertising affects the price, the craving to own an expensive item as well, but this has nothing to do with the quality. To determine the latter just compare the technical characteristics of devices such as hardware (i.e. electronic components such as RAM, CPU, disk), software (each has its own peculiarities), display (meaning the resolution). The right strategy to choose the best device is not therefore to be based on the economic value, but on the technical elements indicated in the descriptions. Who was not able to determine for themselves which are the properties preferable, will rely on the reviews, both written and video , turning to the web and which highlight the critical issues of certain objects.

The bitten apple does not risk any virus. Apple products are not immune from viruses or any of their Mac. The malware that infest the network do not stop in front of the fruit, although healthy, Cupertino. This fallacious belief was born years ago, at the height of the war between Apple and devices with Windows: let fact believe that Macintosh computers were vaccinated against any “infection”, but the huge Trojan of 2012 should have eradicated this absurd theory.

Online games are not safe. That’s one of the false beliefs about online gaming. Do all the same brush is always wrong, and this case is no exception: there is indeed a big difference between the licensed casinos and those “offshore”. In July 2011 it took place legalization of remote gaming, which has allowed the purchase of licenses. Sites with regular concession are constantly monitored by the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies (AAMS), and beyond that, on some platforms such as William Hill casino players receive credits to bet .Gaming correct and honest, quality and reliability are the commitments that William Hill, like any licensed casino, must respect towards users and the tests carried out by suppliers of gaming software to guarantee their honesty.

Keep your phone charged to the bitter end ruin the battery. This truth of the past, not the present of lithium batteries. Who owned a mobile phone in the nineties and the beginning of the new century (when the smartphone did not exist), remember how much attention was devoted to the phone in office and how quickly the power was removed when the charge was complete to avoid damaging the battery. Today, lithium batteries on any mobile recharge stop when they are full, thus avoiding damage to the hours of overloaded and allowing to leave smartphones attached to power all night without any risk.

The more pixels, the better is the photograph. False! Also in this case it is necessary to clarify: the number of megapixels indicates the resolution of the picture and the image size, but for a photograph of quality are required, for example, the size of the camera sensor, the focus, the shutter speed, the light sensor and the lens. The more megapixels, the better the printing of an image, which in this way will not lose in quality, but the excellence of a shot depends on many other features that should go hand in hand with megapixels.

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