Big software update for Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you want to combine television viewing with the ability to check your e-mail, catch up on social media, and do all the other powerful things available on the internet, you are going to need a smart television. To do this, you can buy an integrated unit, or you can save some money by buying a dongle to plug into your existing television and give it web connectivity. One of the leading devices of this type is the Amazon Fire Stick.

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What’s the latest with these devices?

There are other devices offering the ability to turn an ordinary television into a smart one. The Guardian recently took a look at the available options. It is a time of change for many of these units, and voice control is an important new facility that many of these devices offer. Apple TV is launching a new version with Siri voice control, Google has just launched its new Home speaker, and Amazon has just brought out new software and a new version of its Fire Stick with Alexa voice control. These allow you to carry out a wide variety of functional changes just by talking to the unit or asking Google questions by voice, for example.

Backwards compatible upgrade

Amazon is not only launching a new version of its popular Fire Stick, but is also offering a software update that will bring compatibility with Alexa voice control to all first- and second-generation Fire Sticks. Jorrit Van der Meulen, Vice President of Amazon Devices International, said: “Not only are we shipping a new Fire TV Stick – a faster and more powerful successor to our fastest-selling UK device ever – we’re also rolling Alexa out to every single Fire TV device in the UK.”

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Good reception

In order for these devices to work well, you’ll need to check your Wi-Fi and internet connection and make sure your TV aerial system is in good order. If you are in Cheltenham TV aerial installation advice can be found at Steve Unett Aerials on

Enjoy the power of voice control

Technology is bounding forward and voice control like that of the Amazon Fire Stick is very much the new must-have. Fire TV is also available as an app on iOS and Android.

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