Adding credit card processing to a Website

When building an e-commerce business is selling products online, one of the key components of your website is processing credit cards. Giving customers a convenient and secure way to pay is absolutely critical to the success of your business. With the growth of online shopping, a number of the high-risk merchant services provider is available to help achieve this goal. Credit card merchants have essentially automated the entire online shopping experience, which in turn allows you to focus your time and energy on other important factors such as website promotion and marketing.


Choose how to accept credit card payments. You can use your own offshore merchant accounts or use a third party merchant. If you decide to use your own merchant account, you need to open a merchant account with a bank. The easiest and most common method is using a third party merchant to get an offshore merchant account, where the company will accept credit card payments on your behalf in exchange for various fees and percentages. Google Checkout and PayPal are two of the largest and most reputable payment gateways; in addition, you can also put in this list as well.

Adding credit card processing to a Web site

Add “software shopping cart” of your website. How this is done it depends on what resources you are using for your website. For example, high-risk gateway provider or hosting provider for your website often have multiple associations with companies shopping cart, allowing you to install your shopping with the click of a button. The most important job is to facilitate truck a secure transaction between your website and your buyer, and between your website and your credit card processor.

Connect software shopping cart with your payment processor by credit card. Often this step is not necessary. Most of the time, the two are connected and handled during the initial installation. In addition, Shark Processing payment processors will give reputable cart shopping tools free and guide you through the installation.

Tips & Warnings

There are so many ways to accomplish this task is extremely difficult to give instructions to all the different ways. If your hosting provider offers free e-commerce tools, you should take advantage of that. If you use PayPal, which provides all the necessary tools, including the appropriate code to copy / paste into your website template, you literally create the buttons “Buy Now” as well as all the necessary financial forms to be filled.

Often a web hosting sites have associations with shopping cart reputable high-risk PSP processors. They installing these tools to your website for free are allowed with a simple click of a button. If your hosting site does not offer this, usually you can simply use a plug-in. For example, WordPress has hundreds of different plug-ins that allow shopping carts on your site for high-risk credit card processing.

Often these shopping carts are more than shopping carts so to speak. They can provide a lot of functions, including selecting items, tax calculation, shipping, confirmation email, customer tracking, and above all a secure transaction.

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