What often brings the smartwatch some new value that we were no longer on mobile?

When launched the first smartphone also had reservations, who would want such an expensive device that was what ultimately made ​​the rest of mobile phones: call and send messages. It is the paradigm that is created with each new gadget that launches. The tablets are great phones and why serves a smartwatch?

Like all smart gadgets serve everything for us to use. Agree that this statement is nothing new but holds a lesson: the use of a smartwatch depends on what applications we install to use. So if we have to decide if a smartwatch is useful for us before we see what we are able to do with it.

Since the predominant operating systems are two, although the models are quite varied, the most common applications are housed in the tents of these two systems but there are concepts alien to both, watches owners vehicle manufacturers seeking to contribute more to a sector that needs a lot of R & D + i, especially the last i America.


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So, what we run applications and use the current smartwatches ecosystem that can solve our life? We lower the bar, look for the most useful applications, including future use already proposed, and then decide what you each agree more or less. Depending, of course, what we carry on the wrist watch. For cross-platform applications there are, but for now there too.

Applications interact with our car

The automotive sector takes some time getting batteries with smart systems integration. Assistants like Google Now and Siri cars reach thanks to Android Auto and carplay, and Microsoft itself is approaching vehicles while forming alliances with manufacturers like BMW thanks to its BMW ConnectedDrive.

BWM is precisely who has an application for smart watches called BMW i Remote that allows us to interact with our vehicle, provided that it provided the ConnectedDrive system. From the time we can check the status of the car battery, get much more information about the engine and many more options to park your car in the future.

Check the air conditioning system or remotely honk are features available in this application, and that other manufacturers try to incorporate into their vehicles, but each with its own strategy. Like Ford, which already allows an application on the smartwatch to unlock the door and get inside the vehicle.

Nissan meanwhile also working on a smartwatch itself, Nismo, allowing us to also start the vehicle but do not have the key top. Thanks to the NFC clock connection we can connect to the car ‘s Bluetooth system and make the clock will act as the key, in case you have forgotten or lost, or simply if you prefer to leave it at home.

Audi, for example, has already announced a smartwatch own, similar to a SmartBand, which will be exclusive for their cars, the Audi Fit Driver would come first to Germany. With this smart watch, the car could know our heart rate and skin temperature in order to adjust our driving and even get to stop the vehicle before a possible heart attack, or even if we we were falling asleep.

Samsung, independently of vehicle manufacturers, presented by the Mutua Madrileña an application called Copilot Mutua precisely that ensures our security through data collected from the watch, particularly since its Gear to Tizen. Mutual co – driver will be able to alert the driver if risk of drowsiness at the wheel is detected, if you have too high a heartbeat, etc …

As we see, the interest of vehicle manufacturers in smartwatches goes beyond the clock give us directions about the trip or remind us of the departure times. They care about health and accident prevention, and watches collaborate learning in future programs of the vehicles themselves that are in turn connected to the cloud.

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Applications for smart homes

The home is also one of the strengths in the development of truly innovative applications for smart watches. Here we encounter uses such as making key to our door you have to have, of course, an NFC lock . If this is our case, we already have applications to open the lock with just bring the doll to the door.

In the area of home security there are also applications for the smartwatch. Smartwatch WebCam Viewer, for example, can help us to see the inside of our home from the clock display and so rest assured that everything goes as planned, that They do not come to rob us or we can even serve to monitor our children for safety.

In that sense there are applications that are used to connect with webcams and also to use our phone as a surveillance camera. The screen of our watch, always underrated for its size and low resolution, has use of viewer begins to be used so increasingly common in new systems for smart homes.

Very important applications, relating to health

We must not forget that while our mobile travels from our hands into the pockets, our smartwatch is constantly connected to our wrist and can monitor all kinds of vital signs. That is why the medical sector is turning more and more efforts in use as a measuring and prevention devices.

Like a smartwatch can detect if you’re having a heart attack to stop your vehicle, you can also do so if the attack occurs while walking or even while you sleep. The possibility of giving a notice to the emergency services by sending your position is already being studied by scientists at the University of California relying on Health Kit, Apple.

Applications of smartwatches in the world of health beyond help us control our weight or prolong our careers or improve our fitness, each day found new uses to make sense of the sensors they carry. As Emvio, for example, a clock designed to detect our stress levels, an application that is also intended for the Samsung Gear S.

Other applications for smartwatches

In addition to the above, the smartwatches have many other functions but often simply replicate or move to the wrist, smartphone features, functions that can be executed perfectly from it. Simply avoid that we remove our pocket, making everything easier and faster.

Yes are interesting independent clocks, of which we have some in the market and possibly increase with the arrival of the ESIMS or virtual SIMs. To send and receive calls from your wrist when you left your phone at home or when it is without battery, you can send emails and stay connected with everything and everyone without a smartphone.

Functions that seemed more appropriate to the world of chaos and CONTROL and Superagente Maxwell Smart than ours but they are already among us. The shoe phone has not arrived, what has arrived is the smartwatch and can do exactly the same as this, besides have hundreds of extra functionality as we have reviewed.

Yes, smartwatches are still very green. And yes, smartwatches still have little support from developers when devices are far from massive. But gradually, and with the help and interest of the rest of the industry, we will see them progress much in a short time. There are many sectors involved and invested a lot of money to make this happen.

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