Google will remove the ‘Chrome apps’ on Windows, Mac and Linux; will be exclusive to Chrome OS

About three years ago, Google implemented in its Chrome browser the ability to have separate applications that run as if they were native only needed to have the browser open. The purpose of this movement was to make its browser to be a tool to give access to other services, but in the end it seems that this did not work.

Google is announcing the closure of Chrome apps for Windows, Mac and Linux, this because only 1% of users of these platforms makes use of the applications on your browser, however, have decided that this is not affecting its own Chrome OS platform, which from 2018 will be the only one with support Chrome apps.

Google Chrome

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Nobody uses the Chrome apps

Google’s plan is to gradually remove support these applications over the next two years, this as part of a new strategy to make the browser is easier, simplifying functions and eliminating those that require resources and ultimately nobody uses.

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Applications remain available throughout 2016, will be in early 2017 when applications will no longer be available in the Chrome App Store, however, the applications installed may continue to use throughout 2017. Since early 2018 for applications will stop working completely for all platforms except Chrome OS.

Within Chrome applications there are two types: the ‘packaged’, which are web versions that open directly into a browser tab, as if they were some kind of launcher or shortcut; and ‘hosted’, which are to be eliminated, urging developers to make a migration to web apps that can be launched from Chrome, or develop extensions to its services, since this option will remain active in all platforms.

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