Is the mute button one of the best kept secrets of Apple in its iPhone?

There are many new features in the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but there is also an element that returns again and again to these devices. One of those little details that nobody pays attention because it is fortunately there: the mute button.

This physical switch has been present in the iPhone since this phone appeared on the market for the first time nearly a decade ago, and interestingly is one of those features that Android manufacturers have hardly taken into account. Is this one of the best hallmarks of the iPhone? And above all it really serves something?

iPhone 7

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Interruptions to blow off button

Some previous rumors the launch of the iPhone in July seemed to indicate that Apple disposal of this physical switch would have. The feature has been disappearing for example in the iPad since it went on sale the iPad Air 2, and improvements in the Control Center iOS 10 could have pointed to it. And yet, the physical mute button (thankfully) still there.

When you are in a scenario where you do not want to be bothered and the phone rings, it is usual rush out and try to hang up or press the power button or volume to silence.

That kind of process is simplified in the iPhone, as this switch makes stop these interruptions is faster and easier. This prevents many bad shots in situations where you just keep the phone in silence is becoming more important. Not surprisingly, there has been particularly uncomfortable moments when the sound of a mobile has been problematic. In 2012, for example, a concert by the New York Philharmonic was arrested by the director to hear the famous tone “Marimba” during the performance.

Few alternatives in Android

This feature has been very little used by manufacturers of Android devices. Probably the most famous case is that of OnePlus, which has integrated with the name “Alert Slider” for example in your OnePlus 2, X and their OnePlus OnePlus 3.

Some manufacturers like LeTV also incorporate this button or switch some of their devices, as in the case of OnePlus receipt of that feature in these cases has been very positive. One wonders therefore why other Android device manufacturers have not followed the same path.

It is true that Android is possible to control the settings of notifications and alerts with volume controls, but that involves repeatedly press that button and “look at the screen” to ensure that the preferences of those “silent mode” are just what we want.

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There are ways to integrate something for those who need it, of course. Years ago, Xiaomi launched its MiKey -copy of Pressy project launched in Kickstarter-, some small physical buttons operating from the headphone jack and allowing pre -configure with different options.

These accessories can therefore be used for that purpose … at least while manufacturers continue to maintain the 3.5mm to precisely Apple just say goodbye and it seems Samsung is also planning to eliminate their mobile future.

Is this one of the secrets of success of the iPhone in business?

With the iPhone we avoid just that: the button mutes almost completely all sounds on the phone – applications like Mutator go beyond- something and do it fast, simple and easy.

Such access is probably one of the features most valued by everyone at some point come to a professional meeting and need a quick way to establish who do not want to be disturbed in their phones.

Clearly, the answer to the question we did at the beginning of this text is yes. iPhone users tend to emphasize things like your build quality, your camera or fluency when talking about the phone, but they all seem to make intensive use of a mute button that has crept silent -and never better – like one of those essential features of these phones since its inception.

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