Five details of the Moto Z tracks that give us the best and worst of one of the most anticipated smartphones

Increasingly less Motorola and Lenovo. It is a continuous feeling that we are having to start analyzing for us the new Moto Z, which has already come to the table of tests with their Moto Mods.

And this premise does not have to be anything bad. Especially when the arm brings the idea of modular phone, which in this Moto Z is as complete as we have seen so far. We are working intensively on the complete review of Moto Z, but we leave you with some initial ideas to whet your appetite. The best and worst of Moto Z so far.


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It seems incredible thickness

I told you at the beginning of these first impressions of the Moto Z that touch of Lenovo were evident. And just to touch and look at the Moto Z to verify that the exquisite finish, details of interesting design and more focus on this new terminal.

Little more than 5mm thick Moto Z contrast with the thick and sturdy Motorola previous generations. And what if you feel well. It’s wonderful to have it in hand, almost like wearing nothing even though we are facing a terminal of 5.5 inches. Very good for Motorola / Lenovo though not carry water resistance but protection to grab it with wet hands. Less is nothing.

These Mods hooked!

Without the idea of modular smartphone, the Moto Z and provides strong arguments to face a second line in the high range. But the arrival of Moto Mods gives a bonus that adds much although prices are high added.

Mods are external, true, but the simplicity of placement and not have to restart anything and the system identifies them as something natural, convey a very good idea of modular phone. Adding functions directly.

We have tested the Moto Insta-Share Projector and it works! In less than two seconds, we add this module to transform the Moto Z in a portable projector that gives us an extra diagonal of up to 70 inches.

If Motorola get these mods and pin system is hereditary on their computers, no future.

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Android screen looks clean

Moto Z goes straight to 5 inches, with AMOLED panel, 1440p resolution and brightness above 500 nits.

Overall the screen is spectacular in all its facets, from size to pixel density and brightness, and it Android without further added that Motorola looks great. And these additions do not have anything to do with accessory or flashy features. They work and are likely to end up using them.

Fast camera with some point “black”

In the first tests, Z Moto camera has shown us that it is fast, it has good interface with manual controls, and controlled light scenarios can give very balanced images in both color and exposure.

The technical argument is important and level: 13 megapixel resolution with ƒ/1.8 apertures and optical stabilization. With this resolution, we can achieve a good level of detail on many occasions:

Another thing is when the brightness is reduced. Then, the theory tells us one thing but the results are somewhat different, with much more suffering than would be expected but which will tell you more very soon.

It has also been carefully the front camera, not so much resolution as it an angle with its own flash.

Ay battery and headphone port

Ridiculous cipher, 2600 mAh, although not as critical as we expected result. A little to go this Moto Z requiring battery will let you down before the end of the day. But luckily a burden than an hour will leave the terminal ready to follow your rhythm heavy user.

But you’d better do a good arsenal of USB-C cables because it is the only port terminal.

This has another consequence: if you want to use your classic headphones, you need to load all day with the included adapter. But no USB-C standard headphones. You’ll have to buy yours or switch to Bluetooth connectivity, with this battery stops not something daring.

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