The leaders in the PC industry collaborate to improve memory and communication between them: Gen-Z

Not bad in system design has some control by the industry, or at least all Remen in the same direction. It seems that the big names want to agree and improve the interconnections of memory in a computer, for it created a consortium called Gen-Z.

It was created by the cream of the market, at different levels that we can find in the industry. There are names like IBM and ARM as creators of designs and intellectual property; we also have hardware vendors such as Dell, Lenovo and Hewlett Packard, or the leading companies in the field of memory: Samsung, SK Hynix, Micron, Seagate or Western digital. Interestingly the world of processors for computers is only AMD; Intel is not part of this game, either Nvidia or Qualcomm.


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All but Intel, Nvidia and Qualcomm

It seems clear that improve communication between the different levels of memory in a computer is something that will bring many improvements, today we are living with the implementation of SSD solutions or faster RAM, which improve a team over what would lap up the main processor.

But there is much room for improvement when the main memory talk to other stores in the team, and the movements and decisions to be taken should have the consensus of the industry. In what is going to work in the designs of buses and protocols for different types of memory, ever faster, more effective.


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Today, every computer component is connected using a different form: the reports are related to DDR, faster hard drives with SATA, others throw for PCIe, etc. Gen-Z wants to search, to the lowest level, a unique way of connecting. Ron Noblett, HP.

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Stop not appear technologies modern memory, names like 3D XPoint, ReRAM, or MRAM, again make the difference between volatile and storage, so you have to prepare the ground for this, among all possible leads: at this point does not have logic that each system has its proprietary technologies and interfaces.


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There are many technical systems to a level where I lose details and do not think it necessary to go to understand this presentation, but from the point of view of the success of the initiative seems clear that Intel need to be part of the game.

The first ideas or concepts of Gen-Z will be presented next year, but until 2018, there will be products that implement their designs. Designs and works carried out on the architecture and specification will be made public, will be free and there will be limitations on reuse, according to the agreement signed by the consortium members.

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