Razer purchase THX, the pioneer in audio technology created by George Lucas in the eighties

Razer is a giant in the gaming scene, hardware creates everything from headphones to peripherals such as laptops, all designed for the most demanding players. Today we woke up with the news that want to continue to improve in other fields and just absorbed a historic company like THX.

For which ande lost THX we can present as an American company specializing in audio technology, created by George Lucas and Tomlinson Holman in 1983. He works primarily on improving levels of play in theaters and special wards, and ultimately being certified gadgets, hence Razer has shown interest in it.


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What the protagonists tell us is that Razer is done with most of the units of THX Ltd., which will maintain its headquarters in San Francisco and there will be major changes in the company (no layoffs). Not offer any information about the financial settlement of the operation.

We are fans of THX from the beginning; it is a great company and was the first choice we had in mind when we explore the possibility of growing. Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer

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A heads of Razer likes to THX, but what really matters is the amount of intellectual property that have been amassing the last thirty years, very valuable for the development of audio related devices, one area in which the company ‘gaming’ wants to grow and improve.

THX also pronounced about the acquisition, arguing that the new owners are ideal for development, as remain an independent company, while living with a company that gives priority to quality, design and innovation. Both Razer and THX will try to raise the quality intermediate product ranges.


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Three battlegrounds: Cinema, home, and product certification

THX will continue working on its three core businesses. The most important is the certification of equipment, which gives the striking logo, determining that the gadget has been tested and passed the demanding criteria of the American company. There is also a department to improve sound in large rooms called THX Live! Finally are THX Inside, trying to improve equipment internally.

What benefits this agreement to the players? Razer is one of the main creators of headphones in this area, and there seems eager to explore new audio – related categories: become a specialist in audio systems for home (Home Theatre). Obviously also it facilitates things to improve and certify other household products such as laptops.

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