The most explosive new hoverboard Segway is the price: $999 per miniPRO

Segway has decided that there must be a second chance for ‘hoverboards’ which in territories like the United States are related to explosions, and there are a number of products and channels that have canceled their sale. The new product is called miniPRO and not exactly the same model we met a few months ago, in the hands of Ninebot .

It’s a little mess authorship give this one – person electric vehicle, since it is signed by Segway and patented technology leads them to ensure the best security and stability. But we must remember that this company was bought by the Ninebot above, which in turn to Xiaomi belongs. But we do not lose more these details and we tell you what’s interesting, as its price, which is up to $ 999.


Image Source: Google Image

Although there are many similar devices, often badly tucked into the ‘hoverboard’ class, miniPRO has some different things to note. For example, the wheels are not a simple gum, but can swell and have a considerable height of 10.5 inches.

The next thing that makes it different is the ‘Knee Control Bar’, a bar that we have between the legs to the knees and helps the driver to have a higher level of stability and make easier the work of direction.

No less important is to know that this is a fully electric vehicle, with the ability to move to 16 kilometers per hour, with a range of 22 kilometers.

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Remote control with mobile

The other big difference from the competition is the ability to be controlled remotely through a mobile device Android or iOS – no need to have anyone above – which in turn requires the appropriate application. The vehicle has even with a theft – deterrent system jumping when someone who is not you try to be mounted on it.

MiniPRO the Segway we will see him reach Western markets from the end of June in the United States have managed to certify their sale and can be found through channels as comfortable as Amazon. It will be available in two colors you see in the pictures, white and black.

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