Microsoft and HP put back in the window to Elite X3, now with fingerprint sensor

We will not get into debate again on the future of Windows Phone, what is clear is that they make important phone missing, whether by Microsoft, either through their partners. HP is a historically allied to the Redmond Company, and he had to lend a hand with this.

The reality is that in the past Mobile World Congress we had a real monster in specifications, also possibilities. The HP Elite X3 is quite an andante office, and as for telephone, few can be equated to it and its 6 inches in size. But what we thought was a final product still has travel and development, as we have shown in Computex 2016.

HP Elite X3

Image Source: Google Image

What we saw at Computex is a very similar phone with a very special added: sensor tracks on the back of the computer, beneath the screen. That was not present on the phone we met, as you can see in our video presentation:

It is not trivial added, considering that Microsoft authentication and biometric sensors are a priority in the new wave of gadgets with Windows 10, whether mobile or desktop. There comes Windows Hello, encompassing all possibilities – face, fingerprint, and iris – make ‘login’ on computers.

Microsoft and Qualcomm push it

Funny, but both Microsoft and Qualcomm – take a Snapdragon 820 – have lent a hand to re-promote the team at Computex 2016. You have it in video form in them we can see much of the possibilities of a telephone bet become a computer thanks to Continuum.

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When is a reality? We do not know the date vague pointing to sometime in the summer and meaningless, and we’d have something more concrete. Another critical aspect is the price, and here I think they have to make an effort – Microsoft and HP – and understand that if you do not lose anything with this proposal will not gain the interest of potential type of audience that would agree to it.

While the course comes Surface Phone, this is the most important thing we will find on the Microsoft platform as the Lumia seem frozen ride this season. Of course, we hope that other partners do the same and teach the world how interesting it can become a high – end Windows 10.

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