Samsung, no upgrade the firmware of your SSD if you do not let your data collected

In the past we already have occasional horror story about smart TVs: manufacturers like Samsung or LG are determined to collect personal data with the theoretical aim of improving its services Smart TV. This is not ending here.

A user of a drive Samsung SSD 840 EVO has discovered how to try to update the internal firmware of the unit via the Samsung Magician utility appeared a disturbing message: “your firmware is not updated and you did not access the collection and use of your personal information”.


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The problem is real

This user published the picture in which you could read that message a few hours ago, which caused the logical reaction among users who commented on that message and comparing this fact with which also affected other products of the firm-and other manufacturers – in data collection that seems exaggerated.

We wanted to try to verify this strange request. In our tests with a somewhat older unit (one Samsung 830 256GB) can install the software in its latest version today, the 4.9.6. In this installation process there are two steps that theoretically one must accept.

The first section refers to the terms of use, which in terms of data collection is included. Such terms include the following…

CONSENT ON THE USE AND TRANSFER OF DATA You understand and agree that Samsung may collect, use and transfer to international data related to your device, to the extent permitted by applicable law, including technical information on systems and applications, application programs and associated and related to that device, in order to provide product support, perform statistical research, update our software and devices offer other related services. Furthermore, these data may be shared with other subsidiaries of Samsung worldwide and our service providers for such purposes.

If you do not accept these terms, it is not possible to continue with the installation. However in doing so appears the next step of the installation, which this time indicates that it is necessary to accept the terms of the privacy policy (here they are full), where what information is also indicated it is collected and for what purposes.

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What information is collected and why? In order to provide Samsung Magician, as well as authenticate your identity or device, we collect certain information about you and your device. This information includes the IP address, serial numbers and IDs of the devices used in connection with Samsung Magician, the number of installed on the PC or device used to access Samsung Magician drivers. Who we share your information? We may need to share your information with affiliates of Samsung (as data processors) if necessary for the purposes mentioned above.

But in reality although we not accept those terms can complete the installation. And that’s when the problem comes. We completed the installation without accepting those terms that appeared in the second case and have reproduced the problem to that alluded user on Twitter. Once the software is installed and gained access to it, we try to update the firmware the unit, which will make this message.

The problem is both real, and failing to comment on those responsible for Samsung about it, put back on the table suspicions about an attitude besides worryingly unclear in terms of use of devices that now have a snag importance. Why Samsung acts this way? We try to contact those responsible for the firm to find out what happened. Visit for more gadget updates.

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