Nintendo Switch, the new Nintendo console is domestic, portable and cartridges!

The months of continuous rumors are over: Nintendo has finally moved tab and just show a first promotional trailer on which teaches us the first official details of its new game console. Which until now we knew as Nintendo NX renamed Nintendo Switch.

This new machine Nipponese aims to break with all conventionality, since it is presented as a console, which can play anywhere where we are, either while traveling by plane, making time to arrive by train or, as directly on our TV.


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This is the Nintendo Switch

The console is full of possibilities. As we see in the trailer, the console will have a base that can connect to our TV for playing video games as we have done all my life. The base will within a screen that is the console itself, which can unhinge when we want to play directly from it as a portable console.

This will be done thanks to Joy-Con command. When we are in “console mode” it is not different from conventional controls, but we can divide it into two pieces premolars on both sides of the screen to play from anywhere. In addition to this command, the video also shows another conventional they have called Switch Pro Controller.

The thing is not there, because in some games each of the two halves of the command can operate independently, so that we can separate them from the screen to play two people with a mini monitor. For stability, the screen will have a tab with which support the console on flat surfaces.

In the promotional video Nintendo has not given any hardware specification, but in its press release tells us that the laptop screen is HD for optimal experience. The video also confirms another of the rumors that we had time listening to the console used cartridges, much like those of the Nintendo DS family, which will offer certain advantages in terms of safety and durability.

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In this picture, we see a summary of everything we have seen, from the Dock to connect the console to the TV until the two halves of Joy-Con, the Grip to join them in a command without screen, the Switch Pro, cards or cartridges with games and different ways we can play.

In the trailer we have seen titles like ‘Mario Kart 8’, an NBA game, a new Super Mario, ‘Splatoon’ and ‘Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim’. Nintendo has confirmed that the Switch will have the power of a desktop console, and will feature games developers such as Bethesda, Capcom, Codemasters, Electronic Arts, Konami, Ubisoft Warner or.

Although the specifications have not been disclosed, the power of the Nintendo Switch to play these titles will put Nvidia with a GPU that part of the Tegra family designed for mobile devices. This should ensure a powerful console; although perhaps a little less of what will be the new Microsoft and PS4 Pro. We also learned that will be compatible with amiibo Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch, price and availability

As it was saying, the new Nintendo Switch hit the market in March 2017, but Nintendo has promised that before arrival will be demonstrations of complete game, a list of titles and more information on their technical specifications as well as the exact launch day.

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