How to Choose the Best GPS for your bike

Are you starting to use your bike seriously to move far and wide and you need a browser? Yes, I know, some of you will begin to grumble that cycling should enhance its a more direct approach to nature and so the idea of ​​having to use another electronic gadget even while pedaling, there is much to genius. But there are different types of GPS, each with different capabilities, and benefits or benefits that may be made are many. Let’s see what.

Garmin GPS

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There are two main types:

  • Browsers road
  • Portable navigation devices

The main differences between the two are that the first aim of guiding us toward a specific address, indicating turns and shortcuts. Do not let you do anything else, but to follow the calculated route. Do not allow to change it, or create routes from the user.

The navigation devices instead are used for all outdoor activities such as trekking, hiking, mountain biking, running and fitness. The advice is to find your way in this direction.


  • Security: Is nice to get out on bikes, but even better is to be able to return home. With a GPS you are able to follow a prescribed route and to have points of reference. In this way it will be impossible to get lost.
  • Sharing: With a GPS we could share with our friends the best routes and interesting that we did.
  • Schedule: Of course, you lose a little ‘the unexpected, and perhaps some of the wildest among you distort the nose, but with a GPS you can plan a route to the table, which is the output of a day or holiday a week.
  • Optimising time: Since the weather is always very short, I avoid losing pedaling in a bad place between concrete and asphalt.


If you are interested to use a GPS for a bike oriented, the choice must be to an instrument that does not have too many special features, but has instead practical features such as a large display, which is especially useful when riding. It is important to be able to incorporate all the necessary information without having to distract too much from the road. Some instruments have then pulse counter pedaling and other functions to set the workout. Among the most “fun” of a GPS there are those that refer to the paths, or trace of new or follow those tracked by others.

If you already have a clear idea, or if you are looking for a specialty shop that you can also follow in the purchase, you will find many possibilities on the Internet, and maybe buy online accessories Garmin, one of the leading manufacturers of GPS. In fact, it is important to also pay attention to costs, do not always ride on smooth surfaces, such as asphalt. If you use the GPS in MTB or on a bike cushioned from the fork will come lots of vibrations, and the GPS warns them all. This, combined with the slip risk, should they prefer a product with a low price.

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