What was said on the first mobile phone call?

The first mobile phone call occurred on a New York City street in the early 1970s. It was conducted between two business people. One of them was very happy; he had just successfully invented the mobile phone. The other was less than pleased; he was told that his quest to create the mobile phone first had failed. It was the third of April, nineteen seventy-three.

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Martin Cooper is the man credited with making the first call. He deserved the honour as he was also the man who had invented it. Cooper worked for Motorola as a research scientist. He was inspired by the communicator on Star Trek. He decided to try and develop a phone that could be carried around rather than use a landline or payphone. Dr Joel S Engel was the man on the other end of the phone. Like Cooper, he was trying to develop a mobile phone for the company that he worked for, AT&T.

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As conversations went, it was rather one-sided. Cooper was quick to tell Engels that he was calling him on a cordless phone and that he was outside in the street. Engels has said that he remembers very little of the conversation, probably because he was seething inside.

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