What are wagering requirements?

Online casinos offer very generous bonuses to new and existing players. In order to protect people depositing money to get a high bonus and then withdraw their money without having to become a player, online casinos put various restrictions on the withdrawal of the bonus granted.

The main constraints that online casinos put foreclosed bonds are wagering requirements also known as the wagering requirements. In simple terms, this means that the amount of “real money” you need to bet on games that the online casino offers before you can withdraw the bonus amount that was given.

For example, if you are awarded a welcome bonus of 100% on a deposit of $ 100. This means that you are starting to play with “real money” in the online casino with $ 200 in your player account. In order to withdraw the $ 100 free casino cash will give wagering requirements that you must meet.

If the online casino of your choice has placed as wagering requirement 20 times the bonus granted, then you will have to bet an amount of $ 2000 before withdrawing the bonus given. However, if your online casino wagering requirements placed 15 times the bonus granted + the deposit amount, then you will have to bet an amount of $ 3000 before withdrawing the bonus.

Always keep in mind the wagering requirements placed on the bonds that are close to receiving and read the fine print on the website of the online casino to ensure fully understand. If you do not understand the wagering requirements contact player support live or email and ask them to explain it in simpler terms as we did here. Even mention the amount you are thinking of deposit and ask them to do the calculations for you.

Another casino gives bonuses also have wagering requirements, either a reload bonus, free bonus or any other type. Always check what they are because they can vary for different types of bonds.

Another key factor to consider is whether choose different casino games have the same percentage is calculated when the player meets all wagering requirements. for example, some online casinos the amount bet on slot machines account for 100% of the value of the bet, so if you bet $ 20 on slot machines just missing him 20 dollars to meet the wagering requirements. Blackjack and roulette only count as 25% of the value of the bet and video poker count as 80% of the value of the bet.

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