Types of Online Casino Bonuses

The number of online casinos has grown over the last 10 years and today there are hundreds of online casinos available to choose from. Because of these online casinos, they need to compete to offer incentives to new players and retain their existing players. Below is a list of possible bonuses offered by most online casinos shown.

Bonus – A bonus that the online casino offers a new player when he joins the online casino and makes your first deposit.

Bonus Game – This is a kind of “bonus” which gives the player a bonus of the amount of your initial deposit.

No Deposit Bonus – Some online casinos offer players a “free bonus”. This means that the player does not have to make a deposit to get into your player account “real money”. Most online casinos do not offer such bonds and those that do usually limited to small amounts of money just to allow players to get a taste of playing with “real money”. You can find information and links to online casinos offering a “no deposit bonus”.

Reload bonus – After a player makes their first deposit and plays for a while maybe you want to recharge your player account by making another deposit. Some online casinos offer a bonus for subsequent deposits. This bonus called reload bonus and the percentage of it varies from casino to casino.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Annual bonus – Most online casinos reward their loyal players and offer them an annual bonus for their accumulated deposits over 1 year. In some online casinos accumulated bonus is not offered every year, but by a series of repetitive deposits. In some, it is 10 deposits and other deposits are 20.

Referral Bonus – Online casinos are always interested in acquiring new players, so once a player made a satisfied customer will be happy to reward him if that player recommended to friends and family online casino. The “referral bonus” is offered only when the referred player makes a deposit and is not offered when the player joins using “Play Money”. The sums of benchmark bonds vary from casino to casino and you should check before you start recommending your friends. In addition, we want to offer you to be star with bingo sites and find amazing bingo offers and enjoy other online games as slot machines, scratch cards, casino games etc.

Sticky bonus – Also known as “Bonus Game”. It is a bonus that the casino gives players the purpose of just playing. This bonus cannot be withdrawn and are there just to give more money to your player account to play.

Always remember: all bonuses offered by online casinos come with restrictions. These restrictions are known as “wagering requirements” or “requirements game.” The restrictions vary from casino to casino and casino bonus type to type on. Generally, the higher the bonus is larger casino restriction.

Online casinos put these restrictions to prevent players from abusing bonds offered, registering and getting bonuses and then remove them without having to play in the online casino. Remember that online casino are there to make money and rarely gives something for nothing.

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