Should I use Shopify for my e-commerce solution?

If you run an online store, it is likely that you have already considered creating an account with Shopify; however, there are lots of different platforms for running an online store and it can be difficult to know which platform is best for you.

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Here is everything you need to know about creating an account with Shopify.

More about Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that helps individuals and businesses to sell their products. It helps businesses with every step along the way, from setting up an account to selling your products.

Here are some things you should consider before creating an account:

Speed and overall security

If you are selling products, it is important to use a speedy website. Research has revealed that customers are likely to leave an e-commerce store if it loads slowly, as they will easily be able to find a competitor with a faster website.

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It is also very important to use a website with good security, as you will be processing multiple card details on a daily basis. If your connection is not secure, customers may have their details stolen, which would be terrible PR for your business.

Thankfully, Shopify takes these issues out of your hands with its own safe system that deals with caching, hackers and speed. This means you do not have to worry about speed or security.

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Page design

According to WebsiteSetUp, there are over 180 theme variations for e-commerce owners to choose from, including lots of free options. This means you can customise your page and make it unique – even if you do not have HTML skills. This can help you to save money, as it means you do not have to hire a graphic designer.

Online marketing

A big part of running an online store is marketing; however, lots of businesses struggle to find the time to market their business effectively. Shopify can also help with this, offering free marketing tools such as SEO packages and landing pages. This can be very useful for someone who has no marketing experience, as it means they can still effectively market their business even if they are not sure how to do so!

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