First impressions in the corporate world

It might sound like a cliché but first impressions really do count. If you run a business, small or large, the impression that you make when a client walks into your building is the defining moment in your business relationship.

Ideally you will want a clean, tidy and attractive reception area and an amazingly talented receptionist. The role of a receptionist is often overlooked but when you think of him or her in terms of the first face of your business then you get an idea of how crucial this person really is. This will be the first point of contact for your client, whether it be face-to-face, on the telephone or via email. So having the best possible person for the job should be high on your agenda.

A good receptionist will have a wealth of all-round knowledge. While most employees will focus on their specific job, the receptionist needs to have a working knowledge of all areas of the business. They will be fielding telephone calls, booking appointments, taking messages and welcoming visitors. They will be distributing post, possibly fixing photocopiers, ordering stationery and directing traffic! Their job is made much easier with the right tools and equipment so to give your team the best chance and give them a Visitor Management System from companies like Ofec where guests, clients and general visitors can sign in logging time, date and name.

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For a client wishing to approach a senior member of staff, the receptionist is the first person they will deal with and so finding the right person with great communication and organisation skills is vital. Due to their all-round knowledge they have a great understanding of what’s happening in the company and so will most likely be the first port of call for customer questions.

The physical environment should also be given serious consideration. A run down, uncared for reception is not going to give your clients the best impression and they will judge your personality to be the same! Invest in your reception area and impress your clients.

Show your receptionist that you appreciate their commitment and hard-work by giving them an office area that they can feel proud of. A reception area is not only the first place your customers will see but is also a place to impress potential employees coming in for an interview. Make sure that your company ethos is reflected in your design and be mindful of other factors such as space, flow and ease of use. Cluttering up the area with quirky designs is not going to work if you regularly take in large deliveries!

So don’t neglect this very important space and treat it with the respect it deserves as the entrance to your business world.


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