LEMFO LEM T: Review of a smartphone for your wrist

LEMFO LEM T provides the true experience of carrying a smartphone on your wrist. This watch is one of the best equipped on the market for including such complete functions as a web browser, making calls, Android games, YouTube, Google Maps or even playing HBO content. And for all this it has a wide 2.8-inch OLED screen, speaker and protected with a stainless steel body. We review all the features and price of the LEMFO LEM T in our review.

Design and Materials: Elegant but not very discreet

OK, it is true that the LEMFO LEM T is not the smallest smartwatch on the market, but there are few as complete as this. In this regard, it should be noted that its 2.86-inch screen forces to have measures of 7.5 x 5.2 x 1.8 cm. The metal chassis has a great finish and provides the necessary strength, but it is noted in the weight of 153 g . With all this, the smartwatch feels robust and quality, although it ends up noticing on the wrist at the end of the day. It lacks a touch of ergonomics, especially rear, to make it more comfortable to carry and support. The inner face of the watch is made of plastic, while the silicone strap is very wide for effective support.

We follow the analysis of the LEMFO smartwatch with the two buttons located on the right side. The first one is used to navigate the system interface, while with the second we turn on the clock or return to the beginning. On its back we have the optical sensors for cardiac control, loudspeaker, magnetic load pins and the slot for a Nano SIM card. To access it, it is necessary to remove a small sealed cover with the screwdriver included with the LEMFO LEM T. On the other hand, the front shows the OLED screen with black frames and the 5 MP front camera.

It should also be mentioned that its sealed construction allows it to have an IP67 certification, resistant to water and dust immersions. You will not have to take it off in the shower, although its use in water activities is limited. This model is available in two finishes, silver and black, keeping the silicone strap in black. By the way, this belt cannot be replaced by another. In short, LEMFO LEM T is a careful watch in its concept with a curved design, but whose weight and dimensions can limit its audience.

Screen: A screen to see more than the time

We do not usually stop in this section with smart watches, but the LEMFO LEM T panel deserves its analysis. As we have mentioned, the smartwatch is equipped with an OLED screen of 2.86 inches and a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. A large screen to experience greater immersion in content directly from the clock. It also allows to improve navigation and direct writing on the clock. The tests carried out with YouTube and HBO far exceed our initial expectations. Thus, LEMFO LEM T allows you to consult a quick video or avoid boredom in the subway.

The panel’s performance is remarkable, both in color and contrast. However, the maximum brightness level outdoors is a low tad for desirable in these conditions. The touch screen recognition allows interaction and smooth navigation with your fingers. We do not have data about a possible Gorilla Glass type protective glass, although the brand includes a protective plastic sheet.



Technical characteristics of the LEMFO LEM T smartwatch

Dimensions 7.5 x 5.2 x 1.8 cm
Weight 153 g
Colors Black, silver
Watch Materials Metal + plastic
Belt materials Silicone
Interchangeable strap Do not
screen OLED panel, 2.83 inches with 640 x 480 pixels resolution
Chipset MT6739, Quad-Core
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi Dual Band, 4G Nano SIM, GPS + GLONASS
Drums 2,700 mAh
Charging system Magnetic
Compatibility Android and iOS (App Wiiwatch 2)
Hardware 3 GB of RAM / 32 GB storage
Main features and functions 4G calls, 5MP front camera, music player, Google Play Store access, Maps, sports monitor, web browser, integrated GPS, IP67 certification, among others.
Box contents Clock, USB charging base, user manual, screwdriver
Official site LEMFO

Technical specifications and performance of the LEM T 4G

Although the manufacturer hardly provides technical data on the device, we have obtained some information from its internal components that attest to the excellent capabilities of the watch. Inside, it incorporates a MediaTek MT6739WA SoC, a 64-bit 4-core processor seen on entry-level smartphones with about 31,000 points in AnTuTu. Its technical sheet is completed with 3 GB of RAM and a total storage of 32 GB. This way you can move heavy applications like Facebook or Chrome even without the agility of a current phone or PC.

The Android 7.1 operating system allows direct installation of apps from Google Play such as Maps, Spotify, WhatsApp and many others. However, not all apps are compatible with the device, especially with technically demanding video games. Connectivity also plays an important role by having Bluetooth 4.0 to pair our smartphone, WiFi Dual Band, 4G network and GPS / GLONASS. To toto this we must add the heart sensor, pedometer, accelerometer and gyroscope. To put a catch, a pity that does not incorporate an NFC chip to make payments from the clock.

Navigation and clock functions

Like a smartphone, smartwatch navigation is smooth and with shortcuts to different settings. For example, by sliding down we access the quick access, battery level, connectivity, music player and the time for the day. With an upward movement we enter statistics related to physical activity. To the right we see the notification area and to the left we access the main menu with all the icons of the apps.

The home screen can be replaced with still images from the personal or dynamic gallery. In the app drawer we see all the icons ordered as on a smartphone, with access to the Play Store, voice search, Maps, calendar, camera – video, telephone dialer and more. The smartwatch incorporates sports modes that record different activity data, which can be consulted later in the Wiiwatch 2 smartphone app .

We will not delve too deeply into its possibilities since they are practically identical to those we can have on a smartphone but with limitations (screen size, techniques). Where we do stop a bit is the direct telephone dialer thanks to the Nano SIM card with 4G connectivity (voice and data). The test calls made are correct at the quality level, but they are still far from those experienced with a telephone (greater distance from the mouth, ambient noise, etc.).

Battery and Autonomy

We finished our review of the LEMFO LEM T 4G with the large 2,700 mAh battery. In our tests it has exceeded 5 hours of screen, so we predict a more than enough autonomy for the day. The battery is charged by a magnetic pin charging base and a 5V / 2A USB connector. Although it does not include a power adapter, you can use any compatible with these features or a free USB port of the PC.

Availability and price of LEMFO LEM T 4G

In conclusion, LEMFO LEM T 4G is a watch that stands out for offering a different proposal and for a very specific user. Agglutinating all the functions of a smartphone in such a compact watch is not something simple, but LEMFO has achieved what seemed impossible. It is not a perfect smartwatch, especially in the section of physical activities that does not end up offering completely effective results.

  • A new smart watch concept
  • 3 GB of RAM, Android 7.1 and 32 GB of storage
  • Access to Play Store with installation of apps and video games
  • Connectivity section with 4G support, GPS and WiFi Dual Band
  • Good autonomy with magnetic load
  • Uncomfortable dimensions and weight
  • Without NFC chip
  • The sensors for sports activities need a review to offer more faithful data

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