Convert an iPhone 16GB to 128 GB

China surprises us with the ingenuity of its technicians who offer their services to improve the storage capacity of iPhones, up from 16 GB to 128 GB. More information below.

If we want to change the capabilities of our PC it is a task as easy as removing the chassis and increase the RAM, replace the hard drive, video card among others.

In the past it was relatively easy to increase storage space in the cell, then Apple set the fashion that everything is closed factory and what you buy is what you get, no possibility of improving the hardware, in case you want the latter must choose our team with great features from the start and invest hundreds of dollars extra on the base price.

iphone 6s plus

For example, the current iPhone 6S 16GB is priced at $ 650, while the 64GB is priced at $ 750 USD and 128 GB iPhone costs $ 850 USD. That is, that if we are legally move from capacity of 16 GB to 128 GB must disburse at least $ 200 more .

The Chinese come to the rescue. China offers almost any type of service and very low prices; the field of technology and electronics is no stranger to it, so Chinese technicians devised a way to turn iPhone 16GB storage 128GB one.

This process only cost us around $ 50 USD , which would save at least $ 150 USD over the official prices and just wait a few minutes.

How is it possible to convert a 16 GB iPhone one of 128 GB?

The process Consa disassemble the iPhone, apply heat to remove memory, transfer all the information to a memory Toshiba 128 GB of storage, place the new memory in the right place and finally restore iOS to recognize the new storage capacity.

It is goes without saying that this will invalidate the warranty have our team and we should fully trust the coach to put the life of our equipment in their hands; however, no less curious and attractive Chinese alternative for this upgrade.

Error 53: Warning on third-party repair

Today we learned of Error 53 leaving Apple computers unusable and these are when a third party carries out repairs to it.

According to Apple, this Error 53 is really not a mistake but a security feature, because our team who repair or modify it might steal our data through the system stored fingerprints. You can see more tech news in here

Video: Convert iPhones 16 GB to 128 GB

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