A computer mounted with Lego pieces that is designed to play, Lego Computer Gaming

We have to go up to 2007 to meet with people who already played mixed pieces Lego with common components to form a personal computer. Fortunately in 2016 things have come to a very interesting level, can mount everything a dedicated computer games, which does not lack detail. If you are looking for something simpler, like a machine to make paper airplanes, stopping by here.

Lego computer gaming

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The guys at Total Geekdom have on your website a good collection of mounted equipment with Lego, from mini size configurations, to servers, but it is the first time we see one designed to play, hence its name: Lego Computer Gaming.

Personal, very personal computers will have found us thousands over the years, to call our attention because there are fewer models. The fact of using Lego demands our attention, but to ensure that their design is studied logic, for better performance in demanding entertainment tasks.

Closed housing with Lego pieces are 50 cm high, no glue or screws

The Lego Computer Gaming is a team with high-level specifications, and have no place in a structure shaped X, created piece by piece.

The ATX configuration of the elements is not ready for the unique shape of the Lego computer, so Mike Schropp – the creator – has played separate parts and create some artisan component.

On one side of the cross there is room for three albums with size 2.5 inches. The power supply is handmade, and graphics processing unit has a reserved space for better ventilation and heat dissipation.

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Speaking of heat, catches the attention the amount distributed by the team fans: Noctua six units, three in the bottom three above. In addition to the characteristic of the GPU and CPU. They explain that the placement is studied so that there is a flow in and out to cool the interior.

If you are interested in learning more about the design of Lego Computer Gaming, I recommend checking out the lengthy document you created Schropp. Configuration Intel Core i5 ATX 950 Graphing should go for $ 1,600. Here http://merchantdroid.com/ you can find more tech tips.

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