5 Great Social Media Sites for College Students

When you’re in college, there will be a lot of social media apps and sites that you are going to hear about. You couldn’t possibly have time for them all, but there’s a few that you’re definitely not going to want to miss out on. Here are 5 great social media sites for college students.

  1. LinkedIn

Most people don’t think about creating a LinkedIn account until they are out in the professional world, but the sooner you build your profile the better. In the past, most people would have to create multiple resumes and update them from year to year. However, with LinkedIn, you’ll be able to update your resume whenever you take on a new job or a new internship, and you won’t have to worry about printing it out for everyone. They will naturally look you up, especially if you submit your application through email. And when you graduate with Pepperdine’s aacsb online mba, that will be updated too.

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  1. Instagram

Instagram is probably the hottest social media platform out there today where you can upload and share pictures with your friends. Everyone is on Instagram because it’s one of the easiest ways to show the world what you’re doing, and to get an idea of what everyone else is doing. If you’re an artist or a photographer, you can curate your feed so that people see all the best examples of your art work and the inspiration that you pull from your everyday life.

  1. Facebook

While this social media platform quite as popular as it used to be for the college crowd, it still has a lot of functions that other sites don’t have. For example, you can create events and invite people to them, they can tell you whether or not they plan to be there, and you can send them updates on your event plans very quickly and easily. You can also tell the world when your birthday is so that you are showered with all kinds of well wishes on your special day, and you can post full photo albums from major moments in your life.

  1. Spotify

If you love to listen to music, discover new music, make playlists and follow what other people are listening to, then you have to get Spotify. You can sign up for free and listen to commercials from time to time or you can pay about $10/month and you can listen for as long as you want without having to listen to any commercials. You can even save playlists for offline listening so that you don’t have to be connected to the Internet in order to listen to the music you love.

  1. Tumblr

If you have always wanted to build your own website or blog but don’t feel very savvy when it comes to those things, then you definitely need to start a Tumblr account. Tumblr makes it easy to design a basic blog or website and maintain it without having to be a skilled web designer. Plus, a lot of people use Tumblr, so you’ll be able to connect with a lot of new friends that way. Visit http://thefirewheel.com/ for more tech news.

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