5 Apps College Students Shouldn’t Live Without

If you are working your way through college, apps are likely to be a necessary part of your experience. Your smartphone will be with you at all times. The best applications may depend on who you ask. Although your college apps may be slightly different from someone else’s, at least some of them will probably be extremely useful. The right apps will make your life easier and include popular ones such as:


This note-taking app makes it easy to keep your notes organized on Windows and Mac systems. In addition to text notes, it also allows you to store notes as pictures and videos. You can record videos directly from the webcam. Plus, all your notes are stored in the cloud so they can be accessed quickly and from anywhere. A text-recognition feature scans handwritten notes into files that are text-searchable; these files can be synced to any device you are connected to.


The interface of this app is centered on lists that optimize task management. Working with just about any platform, Wunderlust lets you type as you’d naturally say something, so the task and due date can be saved. You can also add notes to tasks already recorded, and create lists of assignments for each class. However, it is not limited to school, as you can create lists and tasks for chores, blog posts, and web design projects.

Google Calendar

Time management can be accomplished with the human brain, but even the brightest minds can be forgetful. Google Calendar is free, and you can create color-coded calendars for classes, events, homework, your job, and more. You can keep track of professor office hours. There’s also a built-in to-do list, so this versatile tool can come in handy in many ways, at school or if you plan to earn a library science degree online.


You can quickly sync files between devices and computers. All you need is an Internet connection; once the application is installed, you’ll have a separate folder to upload files, sync them, and access them from any computer with Dropbox installed. The app is great if, for example, you don’t finish an assignment or paper one night on a desktop computer. You can upload it so you can finish the task on a laptop the next day, or print it out in the computer lab.


If you take public transportation in and around campus, Uber can be a lifesaver. The app lets you call a cab wherever you are, whether it is your off-campus residence, or you are having lunch between classes at Pomona College. It’s also great if you’re hanging out late at night. Uber offers a safe way to get home and to quickly get to class without being late or missing work.

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