4 Helpful Study Apps for College Students

If you think you studied a lot in high school, just wait until you get to college. The course load will be heavier, the standards higher and the classes harder. If you’re already a little worried about what you will have to get done, there’s an app for that. Well, to be fair, there are thousands. Apps to help college students study better in various ways have taken off like gangbusters. Here are four such apps that will bring more information to your fingertips and keep you organized.

iTunes University

Apple has created this fun corner of iTunes to serve as a repository for course materials. Not only might your universities be on here (making things handy when you lose something), you’ll also be able to take advantage of course material from top universities like Princeton and Yale. Think of it as secondary education. If you’re really committed to learning (and we’re sure you are), iTunes University is a great app to supplement what you’re already being taught.

Exam Vocabulary Builder

If you want to improve your vocabulary, this is the app for you. Exam Vocabulary Builder uses spaced repetition to help you learn and use fancy words like “obfuscate” and “transitory” like you were born speaking them. You can use this to bone up on your college papers, study for your ACT or SAT or even help you if you’re an ESL student. There are a ton of different applications for this very handy app. Even non-students should check it out. It’s more fun than a word of the day calendar, of that you can be certain.


What’s that? Didn’t you know Skype was a study app? Well, technically it isn’t. It’s the video call app you always knew it was, but it can be used to make yourself a better student. If it’s freezing outside, but you need to get to a study group, Skype isn’t a bad way to go. People all over the world are getting creative with this friendly app by using it for book clubs and other meetings. Why not take advantage of something that’ll allow you to study hard at Pitzer College without showering or getting dressed?

Google Drive

Google Drive is effectively Google’s cloud storage, and one you start using it, you’ll become addicted fast. It’s a handy place to store whatever files you want. If your laptop crashes and you’re working on a paper, having it backed up in Drive will save your life. If you want to send off your app to Maryville University on the fly, you can make a folder just for college apps and access it from anywhere. Google Drive is simply a great tool for backing up your data and taking it everywhere you take your phone.

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