The app of the giants of the Web dedicated to health

Health information online is growing exponentially Internet users interest in the topic of health, show sites for searching for a specialist doctor in the vicinity or deepen their pathology or even find and the counter medication right your needs.

And that is the issue of health premimente for connected users have understood even the biggest web companies like Google, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft fielded app dedicated to the theme of health, wellness and physical activity. 

Web Health

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They are easily accessible and useful applications that certainly can not replace the advice of medical specialist but who perform a service and information disclosure on an important issue for everyone.

The Google app on Android and that of Samsung owners of smartphones, tablets and portable devices can take advantage of Google Fit with 100 new applications on health that will provide continuous monitoring, not only physical but also the diet. The 100 new related activities actually cover a comprehensive scope of the various disciplines ranging from baseball to walk on the treadmill, kitesurfing, paragliding, from rugby to zumba, from wheelchair to gardening. 

An added bonus is that it will be smartwatch useful even without the phone to count steps while jogging and to send all relevant information to Google Fit. 

Samsung has instead recreated the app “S Health App” that was not downloaded on older devices such as Galaxy Note 4 today can instead use the new version by importing data from the previous one and can also use the mobile device Samsung Gear. 

And an app that monitors the status of health-related physical activity, nutrition and heart rate.In most sull’S5 is a sensor on the back that takes into account the heart rate during physical activity.

The health portal of Microsoft

Microsoft has dedicated a portal to the health and well-being that comes with attractive graphics and easy to use with your choice of cards depending on the topic. 

The topics are many and range from physical as pilates and treadmills to advice on healthy eating and weight loss. The information support is also about health and symptoms of various diseases in order to recognize them. It leans on the platform MSN and is very interesting representation of the human body visible in 3D and on which just click to see the anatomy.

Apple and coordination of health app

Even Apple has chosen to invest in health with Healthkit iOS 8 which collect all the information related to the app out by the same dealer on their health. 

Starting with basic information such as gender, age, weight, you can create a password-protected medical records where you control the calories made, physical activity, cholesterol values, etc. This data is represented through graphics consulted after some time very simple.You can also create a profile on the blood group, allergies or highlight promptly accessible even in cases of urgency on the same interface and the same smatphone tablet.

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