OS X is dead, long live macOS Siri finally comes to the desktop

It was an open secret: the desktop operating system Apple began calling Mac OS X and then parked the “Mac” to be renamed OS X. After the release of iOS, watchOS and TVOS turn came to this system, call macOS now.

Apple unveiled responsible for some of the highlights of what we see in macOS Sierra, the new version of Apple’s operating system, and among them is a particularly prominent: the arrival of Siri to the desktop.

macOS Siri

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Usability improvements

Apple told us about several interesting improvements for computers based on this operating system. They began talking about several “minor” improvements that will add many more in the coming months.

  1. Continuity: With Auto Unlock can unlock the computer without additional passwords, simply having the Apple Watch near the equipment. Proximity authentication that facilitates this process.
  2. Universal Clipboard: Continuity also part of this feature extends the option to copy and paste all kinds of elements not only between applications on a computer, but from any application based on any iOS device or macOS.
  3. iCloud Drive: To save our documents and files on the storage service Cloud Apple is a very leveraged feature, but now have facilitated access to the workflow with a system that basically gives access to desk work of our teams and devices in other computers and devices we use in our daily lives.
  4. Storage Management: Although Apple did not give too many details about this option, enabling this feature is free disk space for us to store more documents in internal units. These are likely to be based on file compression.
  5. Apple Pay: Support payment system Apple is also going mobile to the desktop, and now we can use this service via Web: several traders offer and support their online stores to pay for based on macOS equipment as it the option to authenticate the transaction with our Apple Watch, for example adds.
  6. Eyelashes: Eyelashes support applications to have multiple instances of each of them organized in one window reaches the system natively. In addition, developers will not have to do anything to implement this improvement, which will be available on these machines even with older applications.
  7. Picture in Picture: Another characteristic that favor the work while enjoying other content is the support of PiP Video mode: if we are in the browser and we open a video can “drag and drop” out of the browser window so that only the frame that contains the video is available and superimposed on any area of the screen and the size that we like.

Siri and can be used on Mac

One of the most anticipated choices was the big star of this batch of news that comes with macOS Sierra: this is the first version of the desktop operating system Apple in which we see Siri in action on our teams.

Siri will always be available and show their answers besides talking to us with his characteristic tone that – at the top right of the screen, where we can also interact with those results directly.

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Apple wanted to emphasize the ability of Siri to do complex searches of files -for example and go filtering those searches thanks to context: after a first search was possible to add more specific search terms for Siri act on newly conducted searches. Good news for users of this voice assistant finally landed on the Mac.

Price and availability of Sierra macOS

Apple’s operating system for your Mac will be available to developers today, but as in previous editions will be available in a public beta during the month of July.

After the beta period will reach the final version, which will be with us “in the fall of 2016”, but has not specified a specific date. Apple has revealed that as before the update OS X macOS Sierra will be available free.

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