Netflix launches its Flixtapes, playlists to share your favorite series

Playlists never go out of fashion. We’ve been using them since those times in which we recorded our favorite songs in a blank cassette tape, and services like Spotify or Apple Music have taken over. A Netflix this has seemed an applicable to the television series concept, and has launched its new Flixtapes.

A Flixtape is a playlist that will use the series and films Netflix catalog, and then we can share on social networks or through a single link. In this way, we can suggest to our friends from a list of our favorite series to create one with the best action films of the catalog.


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It is true that Netflix has several internal algorithms that suggest content based onour tastes , but the trust the advice of the friend seriéfilo with tastes similar to ours still has its charm. In addition, as we shall see now the process of creating a Flixtape is really simple.

How is Flixtape created?

When we entered the web of this new service, which by the way is currently only available in English, our first decision is to create our own Flixtape or choose one of those created by Netflix. When we choose create our’ll just give it a name (then we can change it ) and start the process of creation.

By default the system will interpret the name of our Flixtape default and we suggest three series or films, which can keep or remove to introduce others to our liking. To do this we have to use a search engine where you find content by titles, genres or keywords. We will have a limit of six elements Flixtape.

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Once you have chosen the content we include in our playlist we go to the last step of the creation process, in which we can move around the screen icon of a pencil to choose the drawings that adorn its cover. We can also edit the name of the list and customize writing who created it and who is addressed.

Once the process is complete we will take a final screen where you can see a preview of the result, and which will include three options for sharing the Flixtape. The first two are to share directly to Twitter or Facebook, and the third is to display the unique URL of the list so that we can copy and share.

In addition, it is all done, when someone receives Flixtape and open a list appears with the selected films or series, where you can enter information and profiles with an option to start seeing them on Netflix.

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