How to block YouTube channels

When we access to YouTube, the home, there are several videos, which we are shown based on various factors: the video channel that we looked at recently or those who are enrolled, those recommended by YouTube, the most watched and  favorite.

It is probably one of the channels most followed, it should be, but I am the video of this little boy everywhere, is literally spammed in any corner of YouTube. I’m not one who likes to watch the gameplay, but certainly do not want to criticize him, indeed, but since I see him everywhere, was born in me the desire – the need, perhaps – to block this channel.


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Favorite in part, to block YouTube channels, is a procedure that is useful to me in other cases: if we make logout before watching a video, the next access it will be recommended the channel and videos related to that watched.Unfortunately I do not I make almost never log out and often that someone – family – use my PC to view videos of various categories on the tube. The result you can imagine: video – of which nothing matters to me – Recommended here and there.

Let us see how to block YouTube channels uninteresting, so, wanting to watch one of their video, simply search for it.

The first thing to do is, through YouTube itself,  blocking the user. To do this, simply enter the channel you wish to block and go to the  Information; here, finally, click on the banner below and click the first entry:  Block user.

This may be sufficient in most cases. But returning to favorite and the like, which are spammed in all sections, this method is not very effective and we have to resort to the use of an extension.

Video Blocker – Available for both Firefox and for Chrome – allows you to lock channels YouTube and no longer view the video anywhere, including the home, the recommended videos during playback, etc. The installation is easy of course, just one click, and after it has been activated, we can finally lock channels in a few clicks. 

While Firefox will always be active on the Chrome extension icon will activate only when we visit YouTube, exactly in search bar. On both browsers, however, the procedure to block a YouTube channel is simple: in any page we will, simply clicking  the right button  on the channel name and then choose  block videos from this channel.

Finally, with a click on the extension icon, we can export and import all locks, manually add or remove those previously added.

A similar solution should also have her  AdBlock, but honestly I have not tested. You know another solution? Or do not bother you at all the recommended videos from YouTube?

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