Sony Xperia X: Success rebellion need not be something better

In a few days you hit the market the new Sony Xperia X. The family of Xperia Z was for the story behind the model Xperia Z5 last year and this 2016 it touches is to release a new name for the franchise of the Japanese.

In Lab-Soft we have already tested the Sony Xperia X, the intermediate version of a range that has by now with three components. We have analyzed from the renovation design to a camera again aspire to be a reference, and the mystery of the battery, which debuts technology that life is greater. How was the entrance to the Sony Xperia X in the noblest area of the upper-middle range?

Sony Xperia X

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Sony Xperia X: A complicated smartphone to pigeonhole

The Sony smarpthone with letter last name is no longer the franchise company since the Xperia Z5 reaches the Premium version. It is in this terminal price above which put all the technology at their disposal. With the Sony Xperia X occurs the same, because over the Xperia X is at the level of specifications and price the Xperia X Performance.

Physical dimensions 143 x 69 x 7.7 mm, 152 grams
Screen IPS X-Reality Triluminos 5 inches
Resolution 1080p (441 dpi)
Processor Snapdragon 650
Memory 32 GB (with microSD slot up to 200 GB)
Version 64 GB with dual SIM and microSD
Software version Android 6.0 with Sony layer
Connectivity LTE Cat 6, ac Wifi, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC
Cameras Principal 23 MP 1 / 2.3 inches (f2.0) 1080p Video
Optical stabilization and predictive hybrid approach
Front 13MP (1/3 inch) with 1080p / f2.0 / 22mm Angle
Battery 2620 mAh (non-removable)
Extras Fingerprint reader
Sound High resolution (LPCM, FLAC, ALAC, DSD)

I have no doubt, and you and I will tell then that by finishing and many factors such as camera or performance, the Xperia X is clearly competing head to head with the best smartphones on the market.

However, in some aspects such as screen resolution, which is in 1080p, battery capacity or choice of processor, the Xperia X is slightly behind, just in a medium-high or premium range which together with its price more than 600 euros, we finda complex mix of clear place to manage without apparent.

The Sony Xperia X comes with different accessories depending on whether you buy free or operators. Only in the second case the MH750 headphones are included, while both operators and there is free classic and compact charger, but not fast charge.

New generation; old but proven design

Nothing out of the box the Xperia X, touch and observe, there is no doubt what we are facing terminal. From the first Xperia Z, Sony has evolved like no other brand a design idea that nobody can argue. It has earned be the most personality in the sector.

The design of the Xperia X, broadly speaking, is known for more than 3 years. Here I think Sony has risked to not risk. With the change of name for the new saga seems to hit a renewal of deeper design that would have provided consumers think more direct and simple way that there is an evolution and not more of the same.

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And that there are substantial changes in the design of this Sony Xperia X. The two most important unappreciated by the naked eye or to the touch. Curious! The first is the change of building material. There is a passage of glass to metal (aluminum very carefully) at the back, but costs because the grinding appreciate the Xperia Z5 is almost indistinguishable from the metallized rear of the Xperia X.

Second is the loss of water resistance, which is kept in the Performance model but surprisingly and incompressible, it is removed from this model. At this point it seems very dangerous. Whoever has seen me testing the new Xperia X has not hesitated to propose submerging or at least get it wet by the idea that has been among consumers that the Xperia are primarily water – resistant. Convincing who buy an Xperia X of the otherwise it will not be easy for Sony.

All that said, if you stop and think about what you have at hand, then you can appreciate the continued good work over time has made Sony with its Xperia since it premiered the Xperia Z range The new design is very comfortable in hand, with, pleasant to the touch and good balance between thickness and weight, without blunting especially in either of those two paragraphs rounded shapes.

As charging port it has been chosen by microUSB, and the shutter button is maintained for photos. Connections we like it has opted for a tray that does not require tool to remove and is safer than the systems previously integrated Sony. There we find room for Nanosim card (the version with 64 GB memory hit the market with dual SIM) and microSD with which expand the internal memory. You must keep in mind that every time you get out and you put the tray, the terminal is restarted.

It is the provision of improved volume control, a bit in no man’s land. On the opposite side and the top would make more sense. The frames around the screen have been improved on the sides, but we still seem excessive at the top and bottom. At least Sony has used there to include stereo sound above average in its range two speakers but without excessive fanfare.

By the way, and since I ask much, the Xperia X carries FM radio with RDS and maintains good audio level headphone output, with support for HD audio in different formats, but we recommend that you choose good headphones to appreciate that differentiation from other terminals that do not care so much that section of its smartphones.

What works perfect Sony is your fingerprint, very fast although it must be pressed to identify. His place in the side start button has the advantage of allowing a natural access when we pick up the terminal and keep it seized, but cannot be used with the terminal on the table. At least not naturally.

Display: Rushing IPS technology

For this Xperia X, Sony has decided to nail the five inches that many consider the most balanced in a high – end and does through a panel of IPS type. And he has left the most prominent element of the new terminal.

The theory around the screen Sony Xperia X is simple: five – inch panel with 1080p resolution that we provide a density of 441 ppi. Price and aspirations of the Xperia X, does not seem too against outstanding AMOLED panels and screens 2K.

But the best screen Xperia X is not in itself that density but good IPS panel that has managed to integrate supported by proprietary technologies like Sony X-Reality and Triluminos.

Beyond telling us the numbers, display new Sony Xperia X We features a reproduction of very intense and striking colored (can regulate three modes), to which we must add a fairly high brightness (more than 550 cd / m2), and best of all: a contrast that, relatively speaking, is an interesting spectacle to the AMOLED approach . In video mode and photography it is outstanding.

It is true that the IPS panel is still far from the outdoor viewability of OLED with high brightness, but in any case the Xperia X screen is perfectly visible in direct sunlight. It is also very prominent minimum brightness, which makes viewing content in the dark without disturbing the view and draw particular attention.

Of added screen we have to tell you that the Xperia X we can set it to activate with double tap, performing very well this option, yet he has not dared Sony with one of the functions of fashion this 2016: notifications and information on locked screen.

Power and autonomy: The numbers do not confuse

What do the numbers a processor or battery capacity to the final experience with the terminal? In the case of X Xperia little.

Let’s start with the processor. Sony, despite the price and aspirations of this Xperia X, puts a Qualcomm model of second row. Specifically, the Snapdragon 650, six – core processor along with 3GB of RAM. We pass the corresponding test of pure performance and effectively shows that it is far from the fantastic figures Snapdragon 820 or own processors such as Huawei Kirin with which it competes on price.

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But if we use it, the Xperia X lets us experience very satisfactory use and more than enough in demanding daily tasks, including games. Today would be very difficult for a user to determine which processor includes this Xperia and its difference with the best of Qualcomm, for example.

The smooth operation we have experienced is due largely to the optimization of the layer that puts Sony on Android 6.0. It is very aggressive but can apply themes (and quite simple, do not think radically change the appearance) and keeps interesting ideas in bars notifications and configuration.

The party media is once again the best contribution on native Google services, but we also like resource management and space that lets us do with applications.

A clause in the software part is what takes nothing on the system for the first time the terminal. Of the 32 GB Android system with customization already has over 10 GB (11.75 GB showed us). Rather excessive given that there are only a couple of preinstalled applications. Since we have nothing to worry microSD card slot, but you had to point it out.

The other important figure of the technical specifications of the Xperia X is the battery capacity. Are 2620 mAh, fair if we compare with the competition, and in our test has left us away from the two days Sony promises to her.

It is true that the Stamina mode remains the same throughout the market, and for users, who want to stretch the battery beyond the day and a half of use, is a guarantee. But only if you admit limit performance and utility of the terminal.

These 2620 mAh we stayed in the fairly short proof as it were demanding the terminal. Do not skimp using screen or notifications ultimately not contain the possibilities of a smartphone level, and caused that we could reach the point of use and day. Typically it has been finished the day with no more than 20% battery, in line with what we’ve been seeing in many terminals this year, but not in the highlights.

Something more interesting but perhaps cannot appreciate the consumer (and not be a factor determining purchase) is the Qnovo technology introduced by Sony in the batteries of their new handsets for life is greater than traditional protecting the battery for loads , something interesting terminals that do not allow the exchange of the same and necessary. But again, only time will tell if relevant.

More importantly I think the issue of fast charging. Sony includes it (QuickCharge 3.0 of Qualcomm) in its Xperia X but nevertheless does not provide a compatible charger standard with your terminal. Must be bought separately. In our case, with a classic system load we measured a time of half an hour to reach 30% of total load, and 110 minutes to complete your ability and be the battery to 100%.

A camera to capture details and selfies suffering at night

While high – end and much of the middle level are opting for a resolution to their main chambers that revolves around 12 megapixels (there are some exceptions that rises to a maximum of 16 MP), Sony does not renounce provide high resolution actually gives the only clear competitive advantage to its rivals: the level of detail we can get for their more than 20 – megapixel resolution.

The sensor is a generous size, 1 / 2.3 inches, the largest segment, and f2.0 brightness. With camera Sony Xperia X in automatic mode it is easy to get photos balanced, with good exposure and color reproduction and where you can admire details and approach them as with any other terminal.

Processing in previous generations took away the instantaneous value has improved, although it still leaves us clear inconsistencies. In scenes that have been excellently exposed with a great level of detail it is that the edges processing is poor at this stage of the game.

It also improves the camera of this Xperia X in speed, but we continue with a slight delay from the trigger until we can see the image that leaves us with a feeling of sluggishness that does not correspond to the shot or the approach but makes fire several shots in a row is a tedious process. This happens to us even with resolutions of 8 MP.

Speed the greatest success of the Sony Xperia X is able to configure the trigger in less than a second after removing it from the pocket.

On a technical level the predictive hybrid approach is one of the new Xperia cameras X. If activated, the system will pursue an object or subject that we determine to keep always focused thanks to algorithms forecast its movement.

Broadly works, monitoring is done efficiently and if the movement is not very fast and there is no excessive objects in the scene, allows us to make well-targeted catch. But except in very specific scenes, think for example in children, we do not think by now a feature that can make a difference because there are other tasks of mobile photography that are not at the highest level.

That same system continued focus to an object is used more efficiently in the videos. Eye because we were surprised that there is no 4K video, so you have to settle for 1080p, but with outstanding quality, especially in terms of stabilization. Here we think is the best market in this feature.

The weakest point of the camera Sony Xperia X comes with the lack of light. Despite the good size of the sensor and aperture f 2.0, with so many megapixels the camera is subjected to control points and collect enough light where there is none without spoiling the detail with excessive noise or processed. There is still room for improvement and is below the best market in night scenes.

The interface is well advanced and is easy to move from one mode to another by sliding the finger on the screen. Different shooting modes are maintained and combining real and artificial image, but remain very secondary and accessory. There are also manual mode however has already been short enough to what we find in the competition, can only change directly sensitivity, white balance and exposure compensation, in addition to the measurement point and within application menus.

Seeing how consumers prefer to use the secondary camera to take pictures before you ask someone to make it with the main camera, we understand the increasing role that this element is bringing together on a smartphone. And in general, which includes the Sony Xperia X is the best we tasted on a smartphone of this level.

The secondary camera aimed primarily at selfies, dares with a good resolution of 13 megapixels, sensor size 1/3 inch, and enhanced by an angle of 22 mm which certainly prevents us juggled in the photo we do with it without resorting to fit more accessories type sticks, stabilization and opening f2.0, plus 1080p video recording.

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