ASUS Strix GTX GeForce 1080: A graphics card and record improves

See, I had advance: after the disposal of the Founders Edition of the GeForce 1080 GTX, different brands related to gaming hardware products would remove its enhanced market the most powerful graphics card versions.

ASUS was the first and has presented its Strix GeForce GTX 1080, a graph improvement to the original maximum clock frequency, possibility of overclocking, more available options power, advanced cooling system and an appearance where the LED personalization is the most striking we know it thoroughly.


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12% more power than the GeForce 1080 GTX

A level of performance and possibilities, based on the Strix GTX GeForce 1080 is the same as the Founders Edition: Pascal CPU with 8 GB of memory GDDR5X. But in the version of ASUS base clock frequency it rises to almost 2GHz through a series overclock, representing a 12% bonus. If you dare to take over the limit, ASUS makes it easy to exceed that figure on your own.

For there is no power problems with this option and we’ll see cooling, ASUS places a second power source in its view of the 1080 GTX.

As expected since we met that ASUS would have a version of the 1080 GTX, there is a substantial improvement in cooling. The first modification takes heat exchangers or heat pipes directly on the GPU, and there are three fans that assist with the heat sink on the GPU. These fans have a specific design to raise its efficiency up to 30% compared to including Founders Edition. Also operating noise level, ASUS says its version improves the original.

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But the concentration of technology ASUS hand is not there to help with heat dissipation. Their system allows the system fans usually depend on the temperature of the CPU, to adapt their speed to that of the GPU, something that makes more sense games. To achieve ASUS has placed two inputs 4-pin external fans to receive information and instructions for launching directly from the GPU, so in times of high stress and heat of the graphical part of our team, we can support two extras fans tasks heat pipes and fans on the GPU.

More departures and customization RBG

If we are fans of a good custom PC-level colors and lights, the ASUS Strix GTX GeForce 1080 brings LED lights that can set effects and six full spectrums of colors. In the future ASUS Aura system ensures that your new graphics card may maintain synchronization with RGB effects of other elements such as the motherboard.

A level connection, the Strix GeForce 1080 GTX adds a second HDMI output 2.0 regarding Founders Edition, so that in case of virtual reality can have a display screen and connected together. The other two DisplayPort connections are G-Sync technology.

If these features are not convinced to choose this version before the original, point the price: $ 640. Visit for more tech reviews.

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