Huawei P9, all we know or think we know before submission

We had hoped for MWC 2016, but Huawei was Matebook in place. However, it seems that now it will take little in the new Huawei P9, as the Chinese brand has summoned the press tomorrow in London and it seems to be to introduce your new smartphone high end.

It is from there live to tell the minute all the news, as always in our direct or our Twitter account. While we wait, how about a look at what we know of Huawei P9, with everything that has been leaking in recent months?

Huawei P9

Image Source: Google Image

The design we expect from Huawei P9

All the images we have seen so far and what little Huawei has shown so far seem to agree on one thing: the design. Is not a big surprise about what they were doing brand: metallic design with aluminum chassis, although more refined than in the case that the P8, with rounded and polished edges. The exception to this would be the P9 Lite, which possibly opt for plastic.

In the filtered, and besides the camera images will explain later, two details are appreciated detector footprints in the rear and connector USB Type-C.

If what was said in January it is true, the Huawei P9 will have four variants: the Huawei P9 original, the Huawei P9 Lite (with lighter and therefore more affordable specifications), the Huawei P9 Max (with larger screen) and a fourth model which not much is known but come equipped with best components, a “premium” version.

Specifications for Four different models

There is some confusion between the specifications of Huawei Huawei P9 P9 normal and improved just discussed. Some say the Huawei P9 come equipped with an eight – core Kirin 950 processor, although other sources point to an improved Kirin 955 (950 is that we see in the Mate 8 ). 950 Or did you stay in the P9 normal and the 955 will go to the advanced P9? As we say, there seems to be consensus on this, but if I had to bet I’d say Kirin also in the P9 955 standard, which is corresponding to the most recent information.

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With respect to other specifications, Huawei P9 possibly come with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage in the base model, and is believed to 4GB or 6GB on its premium model. Max P9 for talking about 4GB of RAM. Batteries, in the case of P9 and P9 Max would be 3000 mAh.

As screens, P9 5.2 inches to dry will, while P9 Max would go to 6 inches (or evenup to 6.8). In the 5.2 – inch models, it seems that Huawei bet by a panel AMOLED FullHD resolution, except P9 Max, which could leave to QHD resolution. Evan Blass, yes, ensures that all will FullHD.

Who also cannot lose sight of is the P9 Lite, a phone in your P8 Lite version has become a very popular terminal in Spain for its price, and the support of the operators. In this case, our fellow tells us with a table the main differences, which in this case and as we know so far is reduced to specifications (mainly processor and RAM) rather than screen size. Evan Blass says that the difference will be in the processor, but the 3GB of RAM will be maintained.

Screen 5.2 inch FullHD 5.2 inch FullHD
Processor Snapdragon 650 / Kirin ¿? Kirin 950
RAM 2 / 3GB 3 / 4GB
Memory 16 GB 32 / 64GB
cameras 12/5 megapixel 12/8 megapixel
Battery 2500 mAh 3000 mAh
connectivity Fingerprint reader Fingerprint reader, USB type C
Android Marshmallow Marshmallow
Colors Black / silver and gold Gold, white, pink and gray

Although at first it was believed that this model does not include dual lenses, other recent leaks ensure that the will itself. These same leaks speak only of three models (removing the premium model), so we’ll see what happens at the end. Evan Blass stands out from these rumors, ensuring that only the advanced model include dual camera.

Prominence for the camera

Huawei have tried so hard to use to publicize this event? Here leaks and rumors from various sources seem to agree: the Huawei P9 come equipped with a dual camera system with the collaboration of Leica announcing, generically, a few weeks ago. Hence it at all renderings and photographs that have appeared include two lenses in the rear.

Huawei P9, the unknowns

In view of all filtering, it seems there are two aspects that are still not too clear. The first is how many models will be (if three or four) and the differences between normal and Huawei P9 the “premium” version, confirmed the existence of the latter.

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