Famous People that you Might not Have known Used to be Teachers

As technology advances, there are lots of ways that we can make the most of the tools that we now have, and schools are no exception. Using the internet is something that schools around the world are doing more and more, and nowadays, having professionally designed websites by someone like this fsedesign.co.uk/websites-for-schools/primary-school-websites who specialises in primary school websites is not only helpful to the school but also to the pupils and the parents too.

Learning online is all well and good but some things stay the same, and teachers are people that are always needed to make sure that children are getting their education. Most teachers are only known to their students, however, some teachers went on to become well known stars – here are some people who previously worked as teachers before becoming famous…

Sting – The Police frontman Sting, known for his many hit songs both with the Police and as a solo artist, is not only a qualified primary school teacher but is also a football coach! When his band started to make it big, he left the world of teaching, however he is still a voice for teachers, speaking out about the need to raise the salaries for teachers in the UK.

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JK Rowling – Although JK Rowling writes about possibly the most famous school in the world, she also used to work as a teacher whilst she was writing her first Harry Potter book. She worked in Portugal teaching English as a foreign language, using the time that she wasn’t working to work on her book.

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Barack Obama – Before entering the world of politics and becoming the president of the United States of America, Obama spent twelve years as a teacher. He taught at the University of Chicago Law School and challenged students to question their own opinions and political views.

George Orwell – The author, whose real name was Eric Arthur Blair – George Orwell was the name that he wrote under – was a teacher in London before he found success as a well known author.

Hugh Jackman – The actor best known for playing Wolverine has always been keen to keep fit for his roles – and before he entered the Hollywood world, he was teaching PE in Uppingham school in the UK!

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