This is the brain that has created Qualcomm for ‘super mid range’: Snapdragon 652

I think she does not miss anyone in this business that the average range of phones has raised the bar to a point that bothers enough to more powerful devices of each family. Grades have improved, and most of the things we can do with the best mobile phones, are achieved replicate in this new ‘super middle range.

Much of the blame for this rapprochement between ranges we have in the developments in chipsets Qualcomm, also those who are pushing from behind, such as solutions MediaTek and from Samsung. The new exponent of Qualcomm in this category could say that is the Snapdragon 652.

The oddest thing about this hardware is that it is not entirely new, although it is now beginning to be used in many important phones, most presented at the Mobile World Congress 2016. It really is an update of the Snapdragon 620, the you change the name and little else.


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What to change denominations no catches us new with Qualcomm, we have seen started calling S1-S4 to the first Snapdragons, then they started putting names like Play or Pro, and the last thing we have in place is the use of several families numbers: 200, 400, 600, 800.

Snapdragon 652, pestering the highest range

Let’s better understand the present case, the Snapdragon 652, which initially was a 620 – February 2015 -, with which it shares a heart of eight cores. The same configuration is two blocks big. LITTLE (4x 1.8GHz Cortex-A72 and 4x 1.2GHzCortex-A53).

The GPU is Adreno 510, notable for being able to deal with QuadHD screens, deal with up to 21 megapixel cameras that are capable of recording 4K – or 1080p at 120 fps -.

LPDDR3 also known for using memory and connect to LTE next – generation networks, in fact your modem X8 is category 7:300 Mbps downloads and uploads to 100 Mbps.

We do not want to overextend in design details, but it is fair comment that this Snapdragon which is known internally as 8976, is made with 28nm manufacturing technology, its architecture is 64 bits, and uses the instructions ARMv8.

Qualcomm claims to use PoP Dual-Channel on this chipset. This means that the CPU and Adreno 510 GPU are able to access the memory simultaneously, with significant improvement in overall performance.

We do not forget that gives the quick – loading edge of the house, Quick Charge 3.0. These are all details and specifications speak of a high – end device, but allows manufacturers to create models with a slightly lower price.

What phones use?

For despite being a chipset with a time to market, even in its former name, they do not use too many teams. The first to use it as Snapdragon 652 is the Samsung Galaxy A9 , which officially met late last year.

Koreans knew there was raw material to create a first ‘super mid range’ in phablet format, surrounding him with good specifications. Not too much about benchmarks on the Internet, but what little I could contrast it stood at similar levels to the controversial Snapdragon 810. We’re Talking about a chipset high – end, so we can expect a very good performance and cycle life with 652.

At the Mobile World Congress 2016 it is where we really started to see color, and companies like Alcatel and BQ have chosen for two major phones. The first places in the OneTouch Idol 4S , while the Spanish chooses for Aquaris X5 Plus.

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They have had to spend a few days to find a new member of this elite echelon market. We have to go to China, a very important in Asia and hardly known here as company Vivo .

I discovered that its flagship phone, the Xplay 5 , would have two versions: a powerful super with the latest in the market, and other upper-middle range using the Snapdragon 652.
Models that are coming

I’m sure that in a few days, but hours, we will learn more phones with this chipset.For now we can start talking about future events, unconfirmed, but they have all the earmarks of FITTING:

  • The most striking phone signs it expected LG. For some markets the LG G5 will be a somewhat decaffeinated and mount the 652 model.
  • There has to come a Galaxy Pro A9 , improved version of the above.
  • Also we will see in tablets, Samsung is again going to use it on your Galaxy Tab 9.7 Plus S2 (SM-T819)

There is competition

We can say that competition has outside and inside the home. Qualcomm has similar chipsets like the Snapdragon 625, which is less powerful in general, but modern in design, in addition to accepting networks and high- end cameras.

If we go out, MediaTek has a good mess of nomenclatures and solutions, but pointing to a similar core design performance, probably the closest thing is the MT6795 or the new Helio X20. Price of the devices maybe I’d take the second, in there are ten cores: 2 Cortex-A72 at 2.5GHz, 4 Cortex-A53 2.0GHz Cortex-A53 and 4 1.4 GHz.

I find it hard to identify other brands with leading solutions at this level, Intel has things to compete on price, Samsung Exynos have some but not appear to be strong and tends to choose solutions from other brands. Finally we have the Huawei Kirin, but also choose Snapdragons at this price, something will be.

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