Monitors with HDR support and Chromecast support? LG wants to be the first to offer it in its new 4K models

Why wait at CES 2017 if I can and present, the way things are usually in LG. This year they have starting heating the event monitors; have at least two models to be highlighted by the implemented technologies: HDR and Chromecast.

Although still walk standardizing the matter, HDR TVs is something we should sound at all, because Koreans have thought it is time to use in computer monitors. The first of its kind will be the 32UD99 LG, which as its name suggests, is to be 32 inches in size.

The idea of transporting High Dynamic Range technology to computers has all the sense of the world, for many it is necessary that the contents comply with a dynamic range and a sufficient and standardized color space. LG, as their TVs, commitment HDR10.

Monitors with HDR

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To release something like this without using the best technology in the house would not make sense, so a 4K (3840×2160 pixels) IPS panel is chosen, the Koreans claim to cover more than 95% of the DCI-P3 color space. Curiously, this is the standard that Apple is getting into all their mobile screens, and also wants to peripherals from their computers.

Other specifications of note are its built -in speakers and offer connectors USB Type-C, another thing that has come to our gadgets to stay. Unfortunately, LG does not give more typical details about its panel, but we understand that it will be at the highest level in its demanding catalog.

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BenQ also points to HDR10

One of the most powerful manufacturers of monitors, although here are not so recognized, is BenQ, as also with LG aims to support HDR10. Does your model SW320, and is in the crosshairs professionals to support image spaces Adobe RGB color and sRGB, plus 87% of DCI-P3.

One of the interesting things about this model is that it allows showing different color spaces on the same screen, using different signals shown in PIP format. Again we are facing a giant monitor, with 31.5 inches, with room for an IPS panel with 4K resolution.

As with the new resolutions, 3D effects, and other technologies that have accompanied us in the last five years, the whole industry is moving to assimilate changes. Besides screens, we have new consoles prepared to play with HDR; also the world of graphics cards has this covered with the latest generation of Nvidia and AMD. It’s not just about movies or games, it’s also interesting for professionals.

Monitors with Chromecast

Yes, and ultra -wide support Chromecast, so we can see the contents conditions we have in mobile devices. That’s the novelty of the LG 34UM79M, which also uses a panel IPS 34 inches with an aspect ratio 21:9.

LG presents it as a monitor that will get along mobiles and tablets, and is to be served with an application that allows control of all the possibilities of it: from the usual parameters, to play with incoming signals and the way Show them.

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