Looking for an affordable quantifier bracelet? Meizu Band is presented as the alternative to Xiaomi

Yesterday we were talking a little about the state of the market for wearables, in which there is a strange mix of smart watches and quantification bracelets, while it normalizes a little it became clear that people want affordable devices and simple, or at least it is what makes Fitbit and Xiaomi outsell the rest.

From China comes new competition to put this burgeoning market more warm: the good work of Meizu is materialized in a quantizer bracelet, which can expect good specifications at a good price, as has become standard on their phones. The gadget by the name of Meizu Band.

Meizu Band

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But it is not the first wearable throwing, already have a smart watch on the market called Mix, which more than intelligent offers a quantifier of activities in a conventional watch. Taking advantage of technology have it under control, now they spend at a relatively affordable bracelet: they are about 31 dollars to change.

The features you can expect in a Fitbit bracelet for less money, that is, Xiaomi is still more affordable. It is not as cheap as the Xiaomi option, which is closer to the 20 dollars rate, but the reality is that it enters the market as a competitive option.

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First we note that has sensors that measure both our steps and our hearts, and secondly, the presence of a small but practical OLED screen to check the main information.

Meizu Band

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As the Meizu seems necessary Band is waterproof, it does serve a certified IP67. As for autonomy, as the brand says her bracelet lasts a living with heart sensor active week or twice as long if not in use.

One of the interesting points of this bracelet is in the charging system without wires, has a magnetic connector that will make it more comfortable to recharge, without removing any module, as with My Band. The way to communicate with mobile software is via Bluetooth, and also acts as a sleep monitor.

The bracelet goes on sale officially tomorrow, December 8, and as usual with products that have no problem in being imported, we will see soon in stores of the network, if Meizu does not give it to offer it directly to markets Western countries. Comment on the bracelet comes from the hand of a new phone, the M5 Note.

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