It looks like a normal desktop, but it is actually a box to mount the PC of your dreams

Riding PCs or modding is an art and there is a great community behind it, the market for accessories, peripherals and components is so great that it is virtually impossible to imagine the scope and level billing have year after year, hence also there are thousands of devoted exclusively to this market companies who present their creations and products in the hundreds of fairs that around the world each year.

Box to mount the PC

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But today we have to talk about Lian Li, a famous Taiwanese manufacturer known for its wide variety of components and design of boxes to mount PCs, who just introduced a new and interesting product because it is a desktop, yes, a desk that inside has everything you need to build your own PC, or rather, a box – shaped PC desktop?

DK-04, an amazing desktop PC

Lian Li has just introduced what could be considered a desk or table specially designed to have a powerful PC in there, the DK-04, which has the feature that can be set up either to work standing or sitting, account with four memories that make be placed at the desired height with only one button, height ranging from 67.5 to 116 centimeters tall and thanks to its integrated motor is achieved.

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But the interesting part is inside, because here we find a motherboard ATX ready for putting on what we desire, has four USB 3.0 ports, output for digital audio two cooling systems, front and back, with four fans 120 mm each, and 10 bays to install hard drives or SSDs, either 2.5 or 3.5 inches.

We have a control panel where memories for height adjustment, a small LED panel that can be configured to show us the temperature or some other parameter, buttons “up” and “down” configurable, and the button are located on and off, the entry for a disk drive controller and RGB.

Of course there is enough to mount space up to eight graphics cards and everything necessary to give life to this monster, which of course will not be cheap, since its price will be $ 1499, a price that includes only the desktop, your system adjustment and the motherboard, and will be available the first days of May.

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