Do you play computer from the couch? Razer makes it easier with a keyboard and mouse go straight into your lap

If we talk about playing on the computer, the ideal configuration is still a mouse with keyboard, in most games. Another thing is where we plan to play. Since it is easy to carry the game to the big screen in the living room, use as a seat sofa is a pretty greedy option, the trouble is how difficult it is to use peripherals that new habitat.

Razer combo

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Who says play says to use a computer in a comfortable position, and that the boys Razer are interested in finding solutions: Turret is a combination of keyboard and mouse in which the latter can operate above the first, because it makes the time of surface.

I think it is quite clear in the images, we have a chiclet keyboard with full size – Anti-ghosting system up to 10 keys -, from which a surface on the right side. It will work on a mouse designed to play with a resolution of 3.500DPI.

Obviously all the elements we have at stake are wireless and have their own battery. There are two ways to connect the set with our computer, we can do it either via Bluetooth LE, or with an adapter – via USB – it works on the 2.4GHz band. As for autonomy, 40 hours for the mouse, keyboard four weeks.

“Razer turret wants to be the missing link between the sofa and your favorite computer games”

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We do not forget two interesting details; Razer includes a loading platform which also can leave resting keyboard and mouse, a solution that is pretty good. The other thing is that it has specific buttons to work with tales Android.

For that ye use keyboards with TV, I guess many will have had the experience with frustrating trackpads, so the idea of Razer is welcome, but as usual at the firm, must be paid well: in the United States combo costs $ 160.

The American company is very active in recent months have taught us from pots to broadcast games, cards external graphics for notebooks, mechanical keyboards or laptops designed to play.

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