Apart from the touch panel OLED, the next MacBook Pro will surely come with a button Touch ID

In May analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that the next generation of MacBook Pro include a touch OLED panel that would replace the row of function keys the current. This touch panel gained enough strength with the emergence of a possible housing clearly left room for the panel at the top.

Ming-Chi Kuo also dropped the possibility that come with an integrated Touch ID, but did not get wet with it, although it would be logical that this integration. However, 9to5Mac says that the Touch ID will come in the next generation of MacBook Pro, thanks to a reliable source that are in the manufacturing environment Apple Computer.

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If the fingerprint sensor in the MacBook power button is placed, users can activate the MacBook Pro and safely authenticate with one touch. Similar to the way in which we unlock the iPhone by pressing the start button.

A contextual touch panel and security improvements

Beyond the possible power button with Touch ID, the OLED touch panel to replace the function keys will be contextual. This means that the controls and the information displayed will be different depending on the activity we are doing on the computer. If for example we are playing songs in iTunes playback controls appear, but if we are for example Photoshop, we appear different tools to quickly switch between them.

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On the other hand, with the release of Mac macOS Sierra reaches two important safety features such as logon with the Apple Watch and Apple Pay payment through the web. These two characteristics can complement and reinforce with a new Touch ID button that allows us to quickly identify and sign and pay securely on the web.

No release date for the new MacBook pro nor any truer than many analysts reports. Track Whatever the case, a possible date for this release is in October with the departure of Sierra macOS beta. If not we may have an update to the MacBook Pro in March or April.

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