VR goggles from $299 for Windows 10: Microsoft and comes in virtual reality

With its mixed reality hand Hololens, we already know that will have a high price; Microsoft will use the arrival of updating Windows 10 Creators Update to enter fully into virtual reality.

It will do so with an agreement with its traditional partners to place on the set market virtual reality glasses at a more affordable price than those we have seen so far: from $299.

Microsoft VR goggles

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VR glasses for Windows 10 more affordable

Microsoft has not offered many details of how they will be the glasses, but it has hinted that it will not need external sensors to operate, which has provided the price is lower. They have a tracking system six axes.

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With Windows 10 Update Creators, models reach the market VR goggles ready for use with the Microsoft operating system from $299. Manufacturers will be ASUS, Dell, Acer, HP and Lenovo, which gives us an idea of the two groups that are forming: OEMs classic and Microsoft face the new players in the ecosystem of advanced devices, with Sony and Samsung among them. And support not forget, Facebook with the Oculus.

These manufacturers and developers who want can develop their products with the assurance that after the upgrade next spring, virtual reality will be a key element of the operating system.

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